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Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Feb 23, 2001)
Bottom line, SimTheme Park is just plain fun. From kiddie rides to sprawling, terrifying roller coasters, this game will provide countless hours of gaming pleasure. In closing, SimTheme Park is more fun than a knife-wielding monkey on speed.
AppleLinks.Com (Jan 17, 2001)
Like most non-combat sims, a lot of the fun in this game comes from setting things up and watching what happens. I've rearranged entire thoroughfares to get people to try out the 'coaster I spent an hour working on, when all they wanted was the bumpercars to work. There's never enough drink shops, and some area is always being missed by the custodians. For all the hot spreadsheet action though, sometimes I just like kicking back, and seeing what's the big deal about the banana-swing.
Mac Gamer (Feb 26, 2001)
This is a game I can definitely recommend, but there are some shortcomings. I find that I am still undecided about whether this is a game for kids or not. While the Sim Theme Park world is a bright, happy one filled with humor that can be enjoyed by all ages (as well as a very helpful, though very verbose assistant to walk you through), the creation of the Sim Theme Park system and, frankly, doing well at this game is difficult. I wonder if that would frustrate younger players.
Mac Addict (Apr, 2001)
Problems aside, the game is still fundamentally clever and fun. You even get to ride your rides once you build them (although this sounds cooler than it is). Considering that the one-day price of admission to Disneyland is up to $43 these days, the pleasure you derive from playing SimTheme Park (and the absence of smelly kids trying to cut in front of you in line), more than justifies the $35 price tag.