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SimFarm (Macintosh)

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ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

SimFarm Credits


Original Version of SimFarmEric Albers
Macintosh VersionHalestorm Incorporated, Brendan Creane, Brian Hales
Macintosh ProducerJohn Csicsery
Original Producer and Additional DesignMichael Perry
Production AssistanceBrett G. Durrett
Computer Art DirectorJenny Martin
Computer ArtSusan Greene, Bonnie Borucki, Sharon Stambaugh, Donna Steiner Buttlaire, Sharon Perry, Mary Schewe
Additional ArtMaureen Gilhooly, Kelli Jayne Pearson, Joel Aaron, Brendan Creane, Brian Hales, Laura Levy
Sound EffectsMichael Perry, Eric Albers, Christian Dana Perry
MusicSue Kasper
Technical DirectorBrian Conrad
Crop Data ResearchKathleen Robinson
Macintosh Product ManagerSally Vandershaf
Original Product ManagerLarry Lee
Executive-Type Guy In Charge Of Product DevelopmentJoe Scirica
Text EditingTom Bentley, Michael Bremer, Debra Larson, Brendan Creane
QA SupervisorAlan Barton
Lead Tester/QADonjah Horat
Lead TechChris Charman
Tech Support WeeniesRoger Johnson, Jeffrey J. Feil, Owen Nelson, Aaron Shephard, Kirk Lesser
Thanks ToJeff Braun, Will Wright, Joe Scirica, Bob Derber, Brian Conrad, Andrei Snegov, Val Garcia, Kim Vincent, Michael Wyman, Joyce Mattos, Steve Ronan, Bob Sombrio, Jonathan Ross, Jim Siefert, Don Walters, The Company That Hired Don, Mike Stockam, Vera Jaye, Kristine Brogno
Special Thanks ToCamille & Ashley, Maybeline, Susan, Trayse and Aaron, Jess, Sandy, Chris & Lori, Matt & Vicky, Julia, Ilona, Valerie
Additional Yee‑Haws ToThe SimSox, The Village Pizza Guy, Our New Cool Coffee Maker, Alex [The Deli Of Happiness], Lipsconda Cark, Mr. Green Jeans and Maxine
QAMichael H. Gilmartin, Kevin O'Hare, Brent Petersen, Cathy Castro, Scott Shicoff, John Ylinen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Игги Друге (44945)