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Games4Mac (2007)
Empire at War schafft es auf elegante Weise, die Ausmaße der Gefechte aus Star Wars darzustellen. Die interessante Planetenübersicht und der Aufbau des Spieles machen es äußerst attraktiv. Für jeden Star Wars- und Strategiespielfan ist dieses Spiel sicher einen Blick wert, wenn nicht mehr. Aufgrund seiner Komplexität ist es aber kein Spiel für Zwischendurch. Abhilfe schafft häufiges Spielen, dann kann man es voll ausreizen. Bis auf die Scroll-Fehler ist es von der technischen Seite her auch sehr empfehlenswert, die Fehler werden hoffentlich in einem der nächsten Updates behoben. Ein Muss für Fans!
Macworld (Jul 27, 2007)
Regardless of whether it should have or even could have been produced to run on PowerPC-based Macs, Empire at War stands as a fantastic real-time strategy game set in the Star Wars universe; if you have the equipment to run it, you ought to consider it.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Apr 27, 2007)
Star Wars : Empire at War is a game that has confounded me, entertained me, and defies easy and accurate description by the written word. Just the same, my job is to tell you what I think about it, so you, the discriminating Macintosh Game Fan can make an educated decision about the game. So, both the game and the review we shall experience together, dear reader!
Mac Observer (Apr 29, 2007)
Despite its rough edges, Empire at War is a genuinely fun strategy-based Star Wars title with enough of George Lucasi vision in place to keep fans of both the game genre and film saga happy. Few things are more fun than creating a force that can hold its own and defend a border while a larger assault force is created in the background. And, of course, nothing beats pulling the Death Star along and using it to settle those pesky land battles by pulling the lever and outright destroying a planet. Both Petroglyph and Aspyr have done a good job, but the version needs work and there are definite bugs that need fixing. The fun is still there, but an update resolving the gameis issues would move the game into the must-buy category as opposed players might feel hesitant about plucking off the shelf at the Apple Store. That being said, I have an Imperial base to infiltrate and a space station to raid with my new Mon Calamari frigates, so may the Force be with you.
MacLife (Jun 25, 2007)
Empire at War adds some interesting ideas to the real-time strategy genre, but the game falls short of being truly great. Experienced RTS players will feel as frustrated as a young Luke Skywalker training with Yoda in a Dagobah swamp. But if you get teary-eyed every time you hear John Williams' score, pick up Empire at War.
NowGamer (Feb 20, 2007)
Empire At War is a triumph for style over substance. You certainly get to live out the epic space battles that made you salivate in your formative years, but the gameplay itself doesn’t really do the settings much justice and the battles get too repetitive too quickly. The Force is fair to middling in this one.