Advertising Blurbs - Playstation 2:
    When new leaders in Russia attempt to rebuild the Iron Curtain, war escalates, casualties mount, hostages are taken, and the Ghosts are sent in. Take a highly skilled Ghost team through a series of missions that range from demolitions to search-and-rescue and all-out firefights for survival. You can carry dozens of standard and special-issue weapons such as the M16A2, the M4 carbine, and the fearsome and deadly OICW. Bring a friend into the firefight in split-screen multiplayer mode. Your team--and the world--is counting on you.

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jul 15, 2005.
    In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, war has broken out on the borders of Russia and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. That's when the call goes out for the Ghosts -- an elite handful of specially trained U.S. Army Green Berets, armed with the latest technology and trained to use the deadliest weapons. Their mission: Spearhead the way for a NATO peacekeeping force, and keep the lid on the conflict before it mushrooms ... literally.


    • Improved graphics
    • All missions redesigned from the PC version
    • New weapons
    • Multiplayer maps from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege
    • New multiplayer and single player game types
    • All-new introductory cut scenes
    • All-new interface
    • All-new command system to lead the Ghosts into battle.
    • Unlock new content and features with a task-based reward system.
    • Player dossiers track completed tasks, unlocked maps, weapons, stats and player rank. (Private, Sergeant, etc.)
    • Global player ranking system on Xbox Live
    • Split-screen multiplayer (2 per Xbox)
    • Dolby Digital Surround sound
    • Improved, high fidelity audio and all-new sounds
    • New environmental effects
    • New special effects using the Xbox particle and shader systems
    • Improved lighting
    • Improved AI for the Ghosts and their enemies
    • All-new female characters for multiplay

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jul 15, 2005. – Nintendo GameCube:
    Ubi Soft's Tom Clancy series continues with Ghost Recon, another squad-based adventure that emphasizes teamwork, tactics and stealth over raw firepower.

    Set in the near future, Ghost Recon hypothesizes a Russia gone bad. Ultranationalists have seized control in Moscow and are trying to reassert the old Soviet sphere of influence over the Baltic republics.

    Down Georgia way (we're talking the central Asian country here, not the locale of "The Dukes of Hazzard"), peacekeeping Green Berets find themselves in the middle of major nastiness involving rebels whose strings just might be pulled by Moscow.

    Because they strike "swiftly, silently, invisibly," these covert ops hotshots call themselves "ghosts."

    The tutorial has been ported virtually unchanged from Tom Clancy's The Sum of All Fears GCN, so if you played the earlier game you can safely skip it here. The tutorial is very clear, but we have one minor beef: you can't pause and view a control scheme. Because the narrator only refers to controls generically -- e.g. "press the action button" -- you're forced to hunt and peck until you figure out what works.

    The action careens through 15 spine-tingling missions on vast maps. Objectives run the gamut from search and rescue to demolition jobs to all-out firefights for survival.

    You can unlock dozens of weapons and new secrets. Standard and special-issue weapons include the M16A2, the M4 carbine and the OICW.

    Although the teams are small (three men apiece), you're given an immense amount of flexibility in selecting members, then equipping and directing them. Vets of arcade-y shooters will be surprised that the characters here can't keep going after taking a zillion hits.

    Like the businesslike Ghost Recon operatives themselves, the graphics are focused on getting the job done. You won't be dazzled by way cool particle effects or Bond-like cinematics, but you'll probably be too engrossed in the minutiae of team management, not to mention staying alive, to notice.

    Two can have at it in a more traditional head-to-head split-screen mode.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Jul 14, 2005.

Red Storm's website:
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon’: Game of the Year Edition includes Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and the explosive mission pack Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon’: Desert Siege’.

    • 23 single-player missions.
    • 11 dedicated multiplayer maps.
    • 6 different multiplayer modes, including team-based Siege and Domination games.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Feb 21, 2004.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:


    EASTERN EUROPE, 2008. Command the Ghosts: An elite handful of specially trained Green Berets, armed with the latest technology and the deadliest weapons, in a mission to keep the lid on a new war before it mushrooms... literally.

  • ALL THE REALISM, SWEAT, AND FEAR FROM THE GAME OF THE YEAR* - With the original 15 missions, plus 5 new "boot camp" maps, dozens of weapons, and 8 exclusive Desert Siege new single a maps to unlock.

  • MULTIPLAYER WARFARE - 2 Players in split screen. Play against each other or in co-op mode against the relentless A.I. enemies.

  • NEW CONSOLE CONTROLS - Including auto-aiming, new radar, and new zoom system.

  • SQUAD-BASED COMBAT IN YOUR LIVING ROOM - Lead your team through each map in Mission, Firefight, or Recon modes.

    *Voted PC Game of the Year, 2001 by PC Gamer and IGN.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69437) on Jan 01, 2003.

Back of Box, XBOX (Canada):

    EASTERN EUROPE, 2008. Command the Ghosts - an elite handful of specially-trained Green Berets, armed with the latest technology and the deadliest weapons, in a mission to keep the lid on a new war before it mushrooms... literally.

    • All the realism, sweat, and fear from the game of the year, with 15 missions, dozens of weapons, and new secrets to unlock.
    • XBox Live brings the battlefield to life! Assemble a squad, plunge into battle, and use voice communication to coordinate the ultimate battlefield strategy.
    • Multiplayer warfare - Gather up to 16 players, for multiplayer battles via system link, or grab a friend for split-screen play. Fight against each other, or team up to combat the relentless AI forces.
    • Squad-based combat in your living room - lead your teams through each map in Mission, Firefight, or Recon modes.

    "Amazing one player game, epic multiplayer stuff."
    - Official XBox Magazine

    "This is not Metal Gear or Halo - this is the real deal. And if you can't take the heat, you will be dusted rather quickly."
    - IGN XBox

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Dec 26, 2002.