Torchlight Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Main Menu: Displaying your character
Story Introduction
Our first Quest
We are being asked to help: the main story begins
This Merchant enchants items for us so we can add gems to weapons and increase there powers
The story progresses and is told while the game loads
A closer look at our hero and his pet
Our hero has reached level 2: time to spend some points
Our hero has entered the dungeon and fights some creatures
The hero descends deeper into the dungeon
Some close combat action
We have company: the story-related NPC fights on our side
We have summoned a portal to get fast access to the city of Torchlight
Our hero fights with two enchanted weapons
Finishing the first boss fight
Reaching level 10, our hero has summoned a golem to fight for him
This spider does not fight for us...
Our hero enters a new area.
Three portals to finish so we can unlock the fourth one.
We have found our first set item.