TriJinx: A Kristine Kross Mystery Credits


Executive ProducerKenny Shea Dinkin
Origional Game DesignBrad Edelman
ProducersMichelle Woods, Andrew Mayer
Lead Software EngineeringJim Brooks
Software EngineeringTim Mensch
Art DirectorNicholas Stern
ArtistsNicholas Stohlman, Jeff Troupe
Lead Quality AssuranceRebekah Hash
Quality AssuranceValerie Gorchinski, Peri Cumali, Bryan Kiechle
Macintosh EngineeringReggie Seagraves
Background PaintingJennifer Hansen
Animation And ColoringAnimotion
Level DesignEgan Hirvela
VoicesAmy Provenzano (Kristine Kross), Roger Labon Jackson (Professor Anwar Mahfouz; Dr. James Kross and Bast the Cat)
Contributing ArtistBarry Prioste
Contributing Associate ProducerChris Bennett
Special ThanksJohn Welch, Kayvaan Ghassemieh, Kirstin Ohm, Heidi Perry, Philip Sison, Erik B. Zwerling, Bruce Sherrod, Bryan Davis

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zeppin (8330)