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Mac Ledge (Oct 11, 1996)
For an interactive movie, Under A Killing Moon satisfies my needs for movie interaction and adventure. It has great longevity which is rare in an interactive movie, and the gameplay is quite involved (you don't just watch). Although swapping CD-ROMs will irritate the heck out of you, the hints and saving features will impress you. Overall, watching a movie has never been so interactive as it is in UAKM. Bravo to Access.
Just Games Retro (May 28, 2014)
Under a Killing Moon has its flaws. Movement is, at least to me, unnecessarily difficult, and those who can’t find charm in mid 90s FMV (well executed though it may be) should probably look elsewhere. But Tex definitely scratches that old school adventure itch, and if you let him, he’ll grow on you like the fungus on a bachelor’s bathmat. Or something.
Joystick (French) (Feb, 1997)
Doté d'un excellent scénario et d'une interface bien conçue, Under A Killing Moon est un très bon jeu d'aventure. On prend vraiment plaisir à jouer les détectives.
All this bad acting in a game that is so character-driven and full of dialog would sink a lesser game. It's not enough to kill the sense of fun in UAKM, however, and I played the entire game with a stupid grin of pleasure on my face. It's the kind of game that makes me feel sorry for all those misguided people who don't play adventure games.
macHOME (1997)
Living in a futuristic ghetto is Tex Murphy, the world's last fedora-and-rumpled-trench-coat kind of private eye. The story is shown as noninteractive movies with live actors superimposed on photo-realistic settings. The real detective work, however, is shown in a first-person, 3-D perspective, allowing players to crawl around rooms looking for clues.