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Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Jun 09, 2003)
Like Dues Ex, Uplink can be played through many times - each one different. The jobs that appear can become repetitive, but I never got bored of trying to get the best Gateway available. Will Wright once said that you can tell a lot about someone's personality by the way they play their games. That almost makes me wish I just had not framed an innocent bystander for murder, for no other reason than to buy me some more memory. I wholeheartedly recommend Uplink to anyone who still finds it appealing after reading this review. For wary individuals - give the demo a whirl. It'll give you a taste of the interface and how exactly the game handles hacking. Uplink is satisfyingly unique and fresh, and a great addition to the growing Mac library. Don't miss it.
NowGamer (May 27, 2003)
At an affordable £19.99, Uplink is a fun and intense game that’s guaranteed not to hack through your pocketbook. What it lacks in high-end graphics, it more than makes up for in gameplay.
Mac Gamer (Jul 09, 2003)
The larger issue I have with the game is its lack of staying power and replay value. As well-crafted as Uplink's missions are, you can only do them so many times before the thrill wears off, and as incredibly addicting as its innovative play is at first, there simply isn't enough diversity to keep interest high. With so many structural similarities to Escape Velocity, I found it impossible to avoid making comparisons between the two games. Where EV offered almost countless paths to follow in a universe that felt huge and dynamic, compelling you to play over and over again just to experience as much as possible of what it had to offer, Uplink feels narrow and static, which is a shame in a title that tries to simulate the most multifarious and mercurial environment of all - the internet. Nevertheless, Uplink is solidly entertaining, and there's nothing else like it on the Mac market.
Games4Mac (2003)
Die Idee dieses Spiels ist auf jeden Fall mal etwas ganz anderes und bringt Abwechslung auf dem Spielemarkt. Leider werden die nicht sehr abwechslungsreichen Missionen schnell langweilig und der Sound passt zu der eher einfach gehaltenen Grafik. Die Performance dürfte den Leuten mit älteren Rechnern sehr zu Gute kommen. Wer immer schon mal den Nervenkitzel erleben wollte, in einem fremden Server einzudringen und sich von der unspektakulären Grafik nicht stören lässt, ist mit diesem Spiel gut beraten.
AppleLinks.Com (Jul 20, 2003)
Uplink is an interesting concept that is marred by a flawed interface and a lack of reason to continue after you complete the one and only story and have an fully upgraded Gateway. The interface flaws and the repetitiveness of the missions once you've figured them out add up to a game that's not fun and not interesting.