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Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (Macintosh)

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Macintosh Main menu


Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Credits

Macintosh version: Future Tense

Warcraft IIBrian Fitzgerald, David Lawrence, Ron Meyer
Warcraft II map editorBrian Fitzgerald, Tony Tribelli
Warcraft II sound editorDavid Lawrence
Executive ProducerAyman Adham
ProducerBill Roper
Lead QABrian Love (Doc)
Asst. Lead QABrian Reed
Mac QA Assault TeamChristopher Cross, Mike Givens, David Hale, Tymothi V. Loving, Adam Maxwell, Russell Miller, Hung Nguyen, Dean Shipley, James Shipley, Chris Sigaty, Jeff Vaughn, Ian Welke, James Wiggs
Future Tense TestersPerry Youngworth, Brian Bishop, Greg Autry
DunselDan Liebgold
Asst. to Mr. LiebgoldAlan Dabiri (Still cheated by Fate)
Manual DesignJeff Vaughn
Technical AssistanceCary Farrier (Mr. Draw Sprocket), Brent Schorsch (Speech Manager), That 3D Sound Guy
Thanks toThe Apple Game Sprockets team, Ben Calica, Mark Gavini

Game Design: Blizzard Entertainment

ProducersMichael Morhaime, Sam Didier, Patrick Wyatt
Executive ProducerAyman Adham
Senior DesignerRon Millar
StoryChris Metzen
DesignChris Metzen
ProgrammingMichael Morhaime, Patrick Wyatt, Jesse McReynolds, Frank Pearce Jr., Bob Fitch
Scenario Editor ProgrammingTim Thein
Installer ProgrammingAndy Weir
Autoplay ProgrammingMike O'Brien
3D ArtworkDuane Stinnett, Justin Thavirat (Han), Trevor Jacobs, Joeyray Hall, Matthew Samia, Nicholas S. Carpenter, Micky Neilson, Brian F. Sousa, David Berggren, Roman Kenney
ArtworkSam Didier, David Berggren, Nicholas S. Carpenter, Roman Kenney, Micky Neilson, Brian F. Sousa, Chris Metzen, Ronald Millar Sr., Justin Thavirat (Han), Stuart Rose
Audio Producer, Music Composition, Sound Effects DesignGlenn Stafford
NarrationBill Roper
VoicesBill Roper, Glenn Stafford, Chris Metzen, Ronald Millar Sr., Tymothi V. Loving, Stuart Rose
Scenario DesignRon Millar, Chris Metzen
Scenario LayoutEric Flannum, Ron Millar
DunselJames Phinney
Assistant to Mr. PhinneyAlan Dabiri (Cheated by Fate)
Manual Design and LayoutRobert Djordjevich, Bill Roper, Chris Metzen, Ronald Millar Sr.
Manual ArtworkChris Metzen, Sam Didier, Eric Flannum, Roman Kenney, Micky Neilson, Stuart Rose, Ronald Millar Sr., David Berggren, Brian F. Sousa, Nicholas S. Carpenter, Trevor Jacobs, Collin Murray, Matthew Samia, Justin Thavirat (Han)
Director of QAShane Dabiri
Lead TesterTymothi V. Loving
TestersRobert Bridenbecker, Josh Cook, Kamran Fotoohi, David Hale (deltree), Victor Larson, Brian Love, Adam Maxwell, Chris Millar, Daniel Moore, Jorge Riveros (Crazy Cuban), John Schwartz, James Shipley, Walter Takata
Office ManagerChristina Cade
Public RelationsLinda Duttenhaver, Susan Wooley-Sams
MarketingJohn Patrick, Steve Huot, Kathy Carter-Humphreys, Mark J. Polcyn
International SalesRalph Becker, Florian Mueller, Chris Yoshimura
U.S. SalesTodd Coyle
ManufacturingJohn Goodman, Tom Bryan
Technical Help and StuffJohn Miles, Kendall Bennett, Jayesh J. Patel, Jeff Roberts
Thanks ToScoop, Richard Amtower IV, Bill Banks, Robert Beatie, Kerry Bischoff, Dawn Caddel, Mike Carrillo, Amber Carson, Mark Catley, Pamina Elgueta, Graphix Zone, Mike Hales, Lyno Hychong, Chris Kanaar, Isaac Matarasso, Sam Moore, Mark Pearce, David Peng, John Phinney, Mike Pirozzi, Pixis Interactive, Dave Riller, Dean Shipley, Krisann Shipley, Jeffrey Vaughn, Julie Westlake, Chris Wheeler, Jerry Wheeler, Annie Liu, Jeff Kyser, Rhonda Michelle, Ed Ka-Spel, caffeine [without which…], Sketchead Sign, Rider, Big Daddy Ogre, Salty Dog and the Anvil Chorus, Frazetta Woman Dar, Tom Waits, Gretchen Witte, Brazil 2001, Lisa Pearce, Samantha, Whiskers, Ted Spellman, Aaron Daluiski, Sting, 1995 UCLA Hoops, The Dallas Cowboys, Elizabeth Millar, Tim Carrie, Prin Carrie, Rich, Shannon Reagan, Jabe and friends, The Poxy Boggards, The King, Team Hamro, The Mighty Thor, Ray the Soda Guy, Brendan Allison, Shawn Ree (Vital Tech), Michaele S. Bialon, Brita and Ruth, PLF, Joe Anne Muncey, Judah Mehler, Blue Harvest, Jason Carpenter, Dunsel Training Institute, Vladimir Pufkin, Jason and Damian, Stephen Hibbert (The Gimp), MST3K, People who read all the credits, Bunny and Doug, Paul and Alinda, Paul and Renae, David Jefferson, The S.F. 49'ers, The Letter M, Nine Inch Nails, Tangerine Dream, ‑‑‑ surfing ---, James Edward Anhalt III (can we drive the Ferrari now?)
Very Special Thanks ToBob Davidson, Janice G. Davidson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Игги Друге (44686)