Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title screen. (Black and White)
Somewhere in San Fransisco... (Black and White)
Elevator. (Black and White)
Inside the elevator. (Black and White)
Wrong floor. (Black and White)
Coffee machine. (Black and White)
Signing up. (Black and White)
Acme Agent. (Black and White)
Japan. (Black and White)
Entering suspect information. (Black and White)
A snake! I hate snakes! (Black and White)
Caught a crook! (Black and White)
Title screen. (Color)
Somewhere in San Francisco... (Color)
Outside elevator. (Color)
Elevator at lobby level. (Color)
The coffee machine in the lounge can give you trouble! (Color)
Wrong floor. (Color)
Signing up. (Color)
Acme Agent. (Color)
Choose where to go. (Color)
France. (Color)
A V. I. L. E. henchman! (Color)
Gathering clues. (Color)
Capture robot activated! (Color)
Entering suspect info. (Color)
Catapult. (Color)
Caught one of Carmen's crooks! (Color)