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Mac Gamer (1996)
Not only did Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (by Origin) keep my interest, but I found myself glued to the computer - determined to finish the game! Reason? WC III has a great story, great cast (with good acting), and a true movie feel. With a $4 million budget, WC III is the first Mac game (to my knowledge) to incorporate interactive movie scenes and a true, free-flying space-combat simulation. I truly found myself immersed in this 4 CD-ROM game, spending countless hours (weeks) blowing away the enemy and furthering the story to its conclusion. Let's see why....
Players looking for a superior story along with plenty of ass-whupping action will greatly enjoy Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. This offering shows why the Wing Commander game series is so popular and has lasted through so many incarnations. Fight on, Heart of the Tiger!
Joystick (French) (Nov, 1995)
Wing Commander III est incontestablement un hit, mêlant habilement scènes cinématographiques et phases de simulation de combat, avec un scénario suffisamment évolué pour que l'on ne se lasse pas rapidement de ce jeu.
What can I say? The sound rocked! It included an inspiring military type soundtrack which fit this game in every aspect. It gave a deep atmosphere to all of the conversational and video sequences. The sound boasted all original effects and voices. The engine sound was well done and was not nearly as annoying as games like A-10 Attack and FA-18/Hornet. A joystick was recommended, but I didn't need it all. The keyboard worked just well and much better that the mouse (I don't recommend mouse control for ANY flight sim type game). There is no use of me babbling on forever about how awesome this game is. You just have to play it to understand. So if you're into this kind of game, buy it now. It's well worth the price.
High Score (Mar, 1996)
Visst är spelet OK men inget att yvas över. Och förvänta er inget nytt, såvida ni inte tycker att själva Wing Commander-historien är intressant att följa. Den som förväntar sig ett nytt spel blir grymt besviken.