Wolfenstein 3D Credits (Macintosh)

Wolfenstein 3D Macintosh Title screen (shareware version).


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Wolfenstein 3D Credits

MacPlay Team

ProgrammingRebecca Ann Heineman (Burger)
Project LeadRebecca Ann Heineman (Burger)
Music Composition and BanjosBrian Luzietti
Sound EffectsCharles Deenen, Larry Peacock
Level EditingBill Stoudt
Additional ArtworkJulian Ridley, Christopher M. Benson, Todd J. Camasta
Quality AssuranceChristopher M. Benson, John Sramek, Yuki Furumi, Jason L. Nordgren, Robert Loudon, Robert Rooke, Brian McInerny
Directors of Quality AssuranceKirk Tome, Jeremy S. Barnes
Programming AssistanceChris DeSalvo, Bill Dugan
VoicesBill Capizzi, Michael Reynolds, Nathan Renich
Music Setup AssistanceWilliam C. Fisher
Sound DriverJim L. Nitchals, Steve Hales
ProducerBill Dugan
Executive ProducerBrian Fargo

id Software

id Software isJohn Carmack, John Romero, Jay Wilbur, Kevin Cloud, Adrian Carmack

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (203851)