Wolfenstein 3D Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title screen (shareware version).
Difficulty selection screen. B.J.'s face is redrawn in high resolution.
A guard sneaked from behind.
Here doggie!
The layout of the first level is quite similar to that of the DOS version, but the graphics are in high resolution.
High-res item sprites.
Taking on two guards with the MP-40.
The Macintosh version has the ammo crate item which was first introduced in Spear of Destiny.
Level stats screen. B.J.'s animation is also different from the DOS version.
An SS guard.
Close-up view of the pain animation. The high-resolution enemy sprites add a lot of detail.
Got too close to a guard.
The Mac version allows to view the map of the current level during play (press /).