Word Munchers (Macintosh)

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Written by  :  Katie Cadet (8699)
Written on  :  Jun 14, 2017
Platform  :  Macintosh
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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The Muncher's first debut on the Macintosh, and it's a classic!

The Good

First, the graphics on the Macintosh Version look quite nice, especially the colour mode (as played on my PowerBook 540c running Mac OS 8.1), as the DOS Version was actually not that great in graphics. Second, There is a practice mode where the troggles are eliminated so that I can concentrate before I move on to the real game. Finally, The cutscenes used after every three levels of play are surely a good laugh, and have a bit of a reminiscent to the classic Saturday-Morning TV cartoons at the time that the game was produced.

The Bad


The Bottom Line

Word Munchers is actually the first in a series of Muncher games produced by MECC in 1985 for the Apple II, and it spawned a number of sequels such as Fraction Munchers for example. Word Munchers is perfect for older black-and-white Macintosh computers running System 6.x and Mac OS 7, as well as for pre-PowerPC PowerBooks (even on Mac OS 8.1).

Oh and a few final things, mine came in a CD version and the installer is small enough to be transferred over to a floppy disk (600KB compressed contents in the installer). The voice hints were like the pre-cursor of multimedia, you know, digitally-recorded sound snippets that are short enough to be fit on a floppy disk? That's so amazing at its time! I tested this game on a Macintosh Classic running System 7.1 and on a PowerBook 540c running Mac OS 8.1, so I had to use my CD-ROM version to transfer that small Installer file onto the floppy so that I can use this game on other Macs, but otherwise, it's a fun game to play!