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The X-Files game is an excellent game that will please both fans of the show and fans of the Myst-type games. Granted, the Myst fans may not get some of the jokes, but they will enjoy the game. The X-Files fans will enjoy this game because it holds true to the series.
Mac Addict (Sep, 1998)
While flawed, The X-Files game satisfies both hard-core fans and newcomers and delivers the promised immersion into the X-Files universe. All players should find it a rousing good time—a very smart game with plenty of action and mental challenges.
MacNN (Sep 06, 1998)
Fox Interactive has evidently worked very hard to bring their TV series, movie and now game together in harmony. In the game you'll find familiar characters, hints of a new season, and the chance to work along side Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. For fans of the X-Files, purchasing this game is no brainer; but any other fan of role playing, FMV, or adventure/mystery games will also be impressed with it.
Mac Gamer (1998)
The X-Files Game is a slick production: it succeeds in capturing the look and feel of the TV show, and it brings together most of the show's regular players. Dedicated 'X-philes' will probably want to snap this game up, though in the end they might be somewhat disappointed at how small a part the show's regular cast members play in the game. They may also find the game design slightly 'underdone': while the game does a decent job of balancing video clips and gameplay, the puzzle elements are not very inventive. A little more ingenuity and panache might have transformed this solid game into a truly outstanding one.
If you're a fan of the show, and even if you are not, you will enjoy this game. It is excellently done, if you keep in mind the limitations of full motion video. I suspect that the casual gamer would enjoy The X-Files a lot more than the hardcore computer adventurer who has cut his or her teeth on the Zorks of the world. If Fox were to release a sequel that was a little less linear, had more difficult puzzles and doubled the playing time, I suspect they would have a classic on their hands.
Though far from perfect, The X-Files Game does offer a fun romp through the mysterious world of the ''hidden'' FBI. So if you're one of those fans that can't seem to get enough of the X-Files, you'll probably enjoy it. But if you're just looking for more Mulder and Scully, you'd be better off seeing the movie for a third time.
So, if it takes you 10-20 minutes just to turn on the bloody computer, how long do you think it's going to take you to track down Mulder and Scully? When it comes to that question, I -- like my character in the game -- didn't have a clue.