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Published by
Laminar Research
Developed by
Laminar Research
United States flag United States
Release Date
Nov 12, 2004
Developed by
Laminar Research
Austria flag Austria, Germany flag Germany, Switzerland flag Switzerland
Release Date
Mar 10, 2005
4 041377 002149
Patch History
Nov 13, 2004
8.01 update - highlights: completely new scenery architecture, cockpit refinements continue, notably with support for a real 3D interior cockpit model.
Dec 20, 2004
8.03 update - Highlights: New joystick axis selection, Access to more joystick axis on more sticks and yokes, more types of buildings and more detailed buildings.
Jan 18, 2005
8.04 update - Highlights: the major focus for 8.04 is more systems modelling: hydraulic, vacuum, electrical, APU, failure modelling, Real Weather will check for weather of entire planet.
Jan 24, 2005
8.05 update - Highlights: fixes various problems with not being able to start the engines in various planes.
Jan 30, 2005
8.06 update - Highlights: Variometer is now based on IAS, electrical system now displays bus voltage, visual flight model shows propeller forces per element.
Mar 29, 2005
8.10 update - Highlights: Garmin 430 GPS connectivity, more equipment failure types, new instruments, in-flight weight shifting, Track-IR support.
Apr 18, 2005
8.11 update - Highlights: Cloud refinements, more accurate fuel flow for jet at high altitude, NavAid range refinements.
Jun 20, 2005
8.15 update - improved HUD scaling, real time tracking, Co-axial rotor differential-collective for yaw control now available, improved calculations for finding the supersonic drag and supersonic shock on bodies,
Sep 19, 2005
8.17 update - fixed FMS bug, intro of Network Installer.
Nov 28, 2005
8.20 update - 3D cockpit objects can be manipulated
Dec 11, 2005
8.21 update - Intro of new Global Scenery format using 54GB of data.
Jan 21, 2006
8.30 update - Auto Pilot and Artificial Stabilisation reworked. ILS slope accuracy improved.
Apr 15, 2006
8.40 update - flight model improvements regarding Auto Pilot. New instruments gauges. Object attachment possibility for PlaneMaker. More options for joystick button assignments.

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