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Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold

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Great followup to Mad Dog McCree! DOS Dan Theman (9)

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Platform Votes Score
3DO 1 5.0
Arcade Awaiting 1 votes...
CD-i 2 4.0
DOS 6 3.6
SEGA CD 2 4.0
Windows 5 3.6
Combined MobyScore 16 3.8

The Press Says

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3DOGamePro (US)
Outstanding in every way, Mad Dog II is a powerful Western shootout that helps justify the cost of a 3DO. This one's solid gold.
CD-iPower Unlimited
Belet de misdadige cowboy Mad Dog een schat in handen te krijgen en overleef. Een prima vervolg op het eerste succes. Omdat je via drie wegen de schat kunt bereiken en omdat je drie moeilijkheidsniveaus hebt verveelt het niet gauw. Bloedsnel en moeilijk.
Windows7Wolf Magazine
Словом, весьма веселый вестерн. Море пальбы, взрывы, кольты, ковбои и золото. Йо-хо-хо и бутылка рома. И, хотя, последнее относится все больше к пиратам, ковбоям это тоже не чуждо. Потому что настоящий ковбой - всего лишь пират прерий.
3DOVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The full motion video is hokey, but in an enjoyable way and it's pretty extensive, so there's a lot of bang for the buck. You might like it with the regular 3DO controller, but it doesn't reach it's full potential until you've got that gun in your hand.
Fans of the original game will recognize characters like the undertaker, the old timer and of course, Mad Dog. The gameplay, however, is so much like the original that this game is just more classic gunfighting for those who couldn't get enough the first time.
Dank einer Speicherfunktion, der gelegentlichen Option, sich zwischen verschiedenen Handlungssträngen zu entscheiden und der bei einem interaktiven Western naturgemäß tollen Präsentation (Schauspieler, Kostüme, Locations und Sound sind sehr stilecht) ist also zumindest kurzfristig für Kurzweil gesorgt. Bis man dahinterkommt, daß es letztlich nur um das Auswendiglernen der Szenen geht...
3DOElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Ah yes, more Mad Dog. This sequel is more of the same - point and shoot! Mad Dog is back and nastier than ever, but after going through the game a few times, you'll probably lose interest. Good gameplay though.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold falls flat in its attempt to bring live action to the arcade. It is an unenjoyable game that uses imperfect technology. Pass this one up.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
In den paar Stunden wird man recht professionell unterhalten.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Trotz der astreinen Präsentation: Langfristig gesehen ist Mad Dog 2 genauso wie seine artverwandten Kollegen (z.B. Who shot Jonny Rock?) ein ziemlicher Rohrkrepierer. Schon nach wenigen Stunden haben Sie alle Szenen gesehen und jedem Schurken mindestens eine Kugel verabreicht.
3DOGame Zero
If you got this game as part of the Gunslinger Collection, then consider it a bargin. This game is cookie-cutter formula and the play control isn't as good as I would have liked. Additionally the story did nothing to motivate me. Sure the camera work is ok, as is the acting, but I have to say that if you see this game as a stand alone title, avoid it.
3DOThe Video Game Critic
Mad Dog 2 is a modest upgrade, but if you've played the first game you know that's not exactly a ringing endorsement.
As it stands, Mad Dog II deserves to be yanked out of the bargain bin and dumped in the nearest outhouse. Then taken behind a woodshed. I’m going to defer to our review of Mad Dog (PCG rating: 4%) and let it stand as our lowest-rated game ever, but this one ranks right down there with the worst of all time.