Mad Show Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen
The host puts on his happy face
Choose a contest...
Phew... lucky guess!
Not so fortunate this time.
In space no one can hear you scream
There's only room for one of us on this... er, whatever
...we have a winner!
Mayhem in the machine room
...out go the lights!
Jerked to the left, jerked to the right...
Managed to deal some brain damage.
Sawblade frisbee in the Tunnel.
Don't get your fingers sliced off...
The host reluctantly recharges my life bar.
High scores
Loading screen

Atari ST version

Title screen
The host, showing off his impeccable hair styling
Spinning the wheel...
An unfortunate turn of events, as shown by the contestant's expression.
First contest: duking it out in space
Eat vacuum, red scum!
...and all I got was these lousy 10 points.
Sweet success.
Watch where you wave that thing!
My marksmanship shows room for improvement.
Get off me, you floating menace!
The host gleefully proclaims my death.
High scores
Loading screen

DOS version

Title screen
Getting acquainted with the charming host
Pick your poison
Uh-oh... lost the bet
The duel
Whoops - was that your oxygen tube?
Big brother's watching...
Beaten the machine!
Enter the tunnel
Watch out for that hungry guy at the bottom...
Nowhere to run
High scores
Loading screen