Madden NFL 06 Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

The title screen
Before the game begins the player is asked to select their favourite team
There are some new features in this game and the QB Vision feature is something they are especially proud of so the player is offered a tutorial video at the start of the game
The QB Vision tutorial. The quarterback's field of vision depends upon their skill level.
There are four video tutorials in all. This one is about managing defensive line-ups
The main menu
This is the menu that shows the gamer how to use the key new features
The game modes menu
The new superstar mode.
Creating a new player literally starts with choosing your parents and goes right through to retirement
The Superstar game mode
The player's apartment changes as their career progresses. In the apartment are key items like the map, see the next screenshot
The Superstar game mode
The map in the apartment gives the player access to their barbers, tattoo parlour, training facilities etc
The Superstar game mode.
Once the player is signed to a team an AI fan will create a fictitious web site to hold the player's stats and chart their progress
A scene from one of the game tutorials. It looks great but the in-game graphics aren't quite as good
The game's graphics aren't quite as good as the game's tutorial in the previous screenshot
There are game help screens to help the gamer understand how the game setup screens work
Not only can players be created, fans can be created too
There are many mini games and each one has multiple skill levels
This is one of the game's load screens, it's used as a way to inform the gamer about the new features
There are many screens involved in setting up a game
The graphics in some of the in-game cut scenes contrast to the game graphics
The graphics in some of the in-game cut scenes contrast to the game graphics

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Madden Bowl 2005
Practise your throws
Super Bowl History
Creating a fan
Mini-Camp screen
Team Management, where teams can be viewed and edited
Creating a player
Player Management, where rosters and players can be viewed and edited
Your apartment
Rookie Handbook
Your cell phone
I hate IQ tests
Drafting players
City map
This is your agent
Situation setup
Select sides
Exhibition game: Carolina Panthers vs New England Patriots
Selecting teams for Franchise Mode
Coin toss
Viewing the USA Today newspaper, featuring the latest NFL news, in Franchise Mode
In Franchise Mode, you can even listen to the radio
Choose defence play
It's Week 1 of the preseason in Franchise Mode
This should be very easy to catch
Brady is in the middle
Opponents backup players
Judge says it's a penalty
Failed to advance and now you have to kick the ball
Checking from replay if anything illegal happen
Player scored
Drive summary
Score after 1st Quarter
Instant replay
Pause screen