Madden NFL 07 Screenshots

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Wii version

Title screen
Main menu
There's a card collecting/trading metagame here. Buy cards with awarded points.
Most cards bestow a benefit.
Create a player, create a team, create a... fan?
Sterling Sharpe guides you through team playbooks in NFL Network mode.
Hall of Fame mode allows you to customize a new player, down to the genetics.
Training minigames.
Character and lighting model
Example of Wii controls.
"How to play Madden" mode.
Coin toss.
Running game uses some gesture controls.
Audible menu.
Pass by holding the receiver button and flicking the remote.
Replays are shown in a window when picking the next play.
Hold Z to show the play.
Instant replay with camera controls.

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Player information screen
You can create and edit your own players.
Team selection screen
Kellen Winslow in loading screen
Lee Roy Selmon in loading screen
Barry Sanders in loading screen
Stadium selection screen
Player management screen
Coin toss before the match
Oakland Raiders vs. Chicago Bears
Match opening kick
Players down in the field
EA Sports logo before match begins.
If you fail to advance, you will have to kick the ball away.
Player injured.
Players in a circle
Player gets a touchdown.
Player fails to catch the ball.
Instant replay mode
Player gets a penalty.
Superstar Hall of Fame mode
Four NFL fans
Team is close to get a touchdown
Drive summary
Match between Minnesota Vikings and Hamburg Sea Devils about to start
Player gets a hit.
Nothing illegal going on here.
Training Camp
Mini-Camp Setup screen
2 Minute Drill screen
Practice Setup screen
Situation mode
New features in Madden NFL 07

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