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Madden NFL 98

Madden NFL 98 Screenshots

Genesis version

Legal information
Title screen
Part of the credits
Player trading
Choose the teams
The standard EA sports controller selection
The guys in the studio
The kickoff received
The line of scrimmage
Heavy tackling
Penalties menu
Pre-match standings
The full schedule
Play calling
In play
Within 10 yards of the goal-line
Extra point kicks aren't that hard
How can something which gives the opponent points be safe? Strange terminology

Madden NFL 98 Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
Main menu
Week 1
Team Matchup
Info about the game
Heads or Tails?
Tackle him
Gain of 20 yards
Choose a defensive option
20, 46, 56 Huh Huh!
Gain of 8 yards
Can he score a touchdown?
Near the goal line
He dropped the ball