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Start screen
Start menu
In a nutshell
Table of Contents for the rules
Scroll of Heroes == high score table
Part of an ingenious player-guided password-code system, where the code is lines of verse.
Starting location
The plot thickens!
So where is this leading, exactly?
I don't like the looks of this...
So, here we are... in this maze. Doesn't look all that maddening... yet!
Seems pleasant enough!
Do I really want to start off on the wrong foot?
Ahh, a sub-quest!
I imagine I have no choice...
Here is the well, as billed!
That troll doesn't look /that/ tough...
Proceeding to the next "level"
Answering a riddle! Well, more of a logic problem...
An unexpected riddlemaster
You haven't met Lord British passing this way by any chance, have you?
Suddenly picking a choice at random is no longer the equivalent of a coin-toss...
This code will allow me to restore gameplay from the current location! Also, it finishes with a flourish reminiscent of Voltaire's Candide!
The NAPLS system has its constraints, but can still make for beautiful illustrations.
Obviously a clue for a future riddle!
Elementary, my dear Watson!