Mafia II Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Company logos presented in a Mafia II style cinematic
Main title
Check the family album for info about the characters and places
Car cyclopedia lets you check all the in-game cars
List of collected Playboy magazines
Checking the Playboy magazine cover
Playboy magazine covers can be zoomed-in for details
Unlockable artwork
Unlockable posters
List of story chapters
The game starts on a stormy night
Vito with his parents, still as a young boy
Operation Husky, allied liberation of Sicily
Always aim for the head
Breaching the enemy headquarters
Learning how to use covers during firefight
Defending the town hall against the enemy counter-attack
Italian soldiers considering proposal to surrender
Returning home from the front
It's easy to rotate the car camera when someone else is driving the car
Car's hood camera
Passing the military convoy
Well she seems to be eyeing you alright
Taking a cab home
Checking the newspaper stand
Family reunion
Protecting your sister from the money collector
Learning how to perform combination punches
Your best pal Joe, greeting the cleaning lady his way
Testing the ice drifting
Buying the lockpicks
Street fighting finishing move
You can zoom-in towards where your character is facing
Checking your cars at the garage
You can shoot out at the car's tires to disable them from pursuing you
Certain rare occasions let you control the camera from a first-person perspective
Obligatory prison shaving
At the prison courtyard
You can dodge enemy punches
City map
Buying new suit
You can hot-wire any parked car, but try not to do that in front of the police
Passing through chinatown
Need some repairs on the car
Your closet contains all the clothes you have purchased
The point of no return
Why is she wearing high heels in the bathtub?
Police chase
Stealing a police car
Shoot at the fuel tank to make vehicles explode faster

Windows version

Title screen + main menu
The first mission in the game takes place in Italy during World War II. Vito the soldier climbs into a house
The so-called "carcyclopedia" allows you to view all the cars in the game
Outside of Joe's house, one of the most commonly visited locations in the game. Wearing his leather jacket, Vito is thinking what to do next...
...which is drag a poor innocent old man out of his car?? Come on, Vito, I understand you were in prison, but you are... err... over-reacting. Take a pill or something
While there is no real country side in "Mafia II", there are some quiet, rural areas. Nice weather, life is good, why become a mafioso?.. That's the part I could never understand
The city map marks your location, destination, and all places of interest
The city is very detailed. All those 40-ies commercials and other paraphernalia
Most of the chapters begin with this short cut scene: Vito is getting up. In this case, he is in his own villa, during the time when he thought he had everything...
I just brought Vito to the city center and let him stand there in the rain. Think about your life, Vito. Think of what you have done...
The hardest mission in the game. The enemies here are tough mafiosi. I'm losing health, the screen loses color...
Joe, Vito's best friend, liberally throws parties and invites a variety of... errr... girls-for-sale to his apartment. This is one of them. Come on, Vito, what are you waiting for?..
Vito and Joe are having a conversation in an apartment complex. Such scenes are quite common in the game. Note Vito's cool outfit
Want to steal a taxi? Sure, no problem! Driving through the colorful Little Italy
Intense shoot-out in the park!
Check out my cool convertible! Driving through a central area of the city
Vito and Joe in Chinatown
Shoot-out in a colorful Chinese restaurant. The enemy has just knocked over the table to create a cover for himself
Move away, stupid cops! Let me enjoy this marvelous view!..
The cut scenes in the game are very movie-like. Here, Vito is introduced to a powerful mafia boss
The player can collect magazines to unlock content...
What kind of Content? Well, it IS a playboy mag...
The player can change his clothes at a wardrobe. This is sometimes mission specific, it can also help you shake cops.
The player can store customized vehicles in their garage. The garage also shows your cars stats.
A player driving. Note the 40 MPH sign and the "Limiter" on the speedometer. Players can not speed or the cops will give them a fine.
The player getting fined. He can accept the fine or decline it and run from the cop.
Vito in prison fighting off a would-be rapist with his fists.
Slitting the throat of an inmate
Picking the lock of a car. Same mini-game applies to door locks too.
The most serious arms dealer in town