Magic Carpet Plus

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Back of Box - DOS (Canada/US):
    Action Game of the Year - Computer Game Review

    Shred the skies on the world's fastest, most heavily armed carpet, as you rip into 75 different worlds filled with sinister beasts and deadly wizards. From Bullfrog, the creators of Syndicate and Theme Park, comes the ground breaking action flight sim with 3-D fractal landscapes that morph in real time. Prepare for the rush of adrenaline as you step into the fastest, most frenzied flight experience ever created for a CD-ROM.

    FURIOUS ACTION Lay a path of destruction as you tear into 75 incredible worlds.

    3-D FRACTAL WORLDS THAT MORPH IN REAL TIME AWESOME FIREPOWER Create Volcanoes, launch Meteors, cast Lightning, 25 spells in all.

    SEVENTY FIVE DIFFERENT WORLDS TO CONQUER Rip through villages, castles, mazes, canyons, snow covered plains, and more!

    MORE FIREPOWER, TOUGHER ENEMIES Computer opponents learn from your moves.

  • Includes the original Magic Carpet and the Hidden Worlds Expansion Disk.
  • Over 75 levels, including 20 custom multi-player levels.
  • Network support for 2 - 8 players.
  • Includes FREE 3-D glasses, supports VR headsets.

    Contributed by magisterrex (477) on Mar 20, 2007.