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Magic Carpet

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PlayStation 3

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Too avant-garde for its own good? DOS Maw (845)
Move over Aladdin...there's a new carpet in town! DOS Smackmud (5)
An incredible experience you'll come back to every once in a while. DOS Tomer Gabel (4364)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 67 3.9
Macintosh Awaiting 1 votes...
PlayStation 9 3.2
PlayStation 3 2 4.0
PSP 1 5.0
SEGA Saturn 5 2.8
Windows 2 4.0
Combined MobyScore 86 3.8

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DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
MAGIC CARPET provides a wonderful blend of first-person shooter and strategy game. You'll need both eye-hand coordination and resource management skills. You must know your spells and keep them programmed for easy access at a second's notice. You must learn to keep your eye on your castle, your balloons, your mana, and the other wizards, while simultaneously dueling with dragons. Captured by its spell, MAGIC CARPET will keep you busier than a Sorcerer's Apprentice.
DOSHigh Score
Jag vet inte om Magic Carpet är det bästa som Bullfrog gjort, men det är utan tvekan det snyggaste och mest fartfyllda hittills i deras samling av mästerverk. En given fullpoängare, förstås.
DOSAbsolute Games (
Впрочем, какая там, к черту, мышь, когда впереди 50 островов, каждый из которых — далеко не банальный «еще один уровень», но мини-головоломка, так аккуратно и дотошно продуман игровой дизайн. Вернуть в реальность попавшего в мир Magic Carpet человека может лишь отключение электричества — Молиньё и Kо дьявольски изящно играют на себялюбии игроков, превращая, казалось бы, скучный процесс строительства дворца «с нуля» в увлекательную и динамичную оду манчкинству. Даже проблема отсутствия save game’ов, так раздражающая поначалу, к середине игры разрешается автоматически: сама мысль бросить все и лечь спать, потому что завтра к восьми на работу, а за окном уже светает, глубоко кощунственна.
Amazing graphics; terrific sound and action. No way to save a game in the middle of the level, which can take hours to complete. There's a whole lot of game here, and it's all excellent. Magic Carpet may well become the talked-about game for 1995.
DOSComing Soon Magazine
A newborn of the latest magical creation from Bullfrog, Magic Carpet has succeeded in surpassing all that has been made since in the history of game playing in the world of 3D engine.
Kaum weniger gelungen als die tolle Grafik sind die Soundbegleitung und die beinahe schon intuitiv beherrschbare Steuerung via Maus und Tastatur oder Joystick. Der Gipfel der Genialität ist und bleibt hier jedoch die perfekte Mischung aus Taktik und Action, welche Ballerexperten und kühlen Strategen gleichermaßen ein weites Beteiligungsfeld bereitstellt. Dabei läßt sich jeder Level auf unterschiedliche Weise bewältigen, wodurch Frusterlebnisse wegen scheinbar unlösbarer Stellen weitestgehend vermieden werden. Schließlich und endlich können in einem Netzwerk bis zu acht menschliche Teppichpiloten den Fransenflusi entern, per Nullmodemkahel sind es immerhin noch zwei. So, und was sagt uns das nun alles im Ergebnis? Na. was schon: Magic Carpet ist ein Megahit, der in keiner digitalen Wohnlandschaft fehlen sollte!
MC on erittäin pelattava PC-toimintapeli, jossa on ideaa. Bonuksena erittäin addiktiivinen lähiverkkopelimahdollisuus. CD:tä peli ei tarvitse oikeastaan mihinkään, joten kyseessä ei ole mikään interaktiivinen huijaus, vaan puhdas toimintalentely, joka vaatii koneelta kohtuullisen paljon potkua.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Man nehme das ausgenudelte Genre "3D-Spiel", ein pfiffige Rahmenhandlung sowie einen ganzen Sack unverbrauchter Spielideen. Das gebe man alles einem Team, das sein Feuer nicht in der ersten fünf Minuten verbrennt, sondern sich Zeit nimmt, ein Spiel regelrecht zu entwickeln. Heraus kommt Magic Carpet, das nicht nur mit Effekten und Intros überzeugt, sondern dazu eine stets steigende Spieltiefe bietet.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Im Jahr der 3D-Actionspiele ist Magic Carpet wohl der herausragendste Vertreter dieses Genres. Selbst Doom 2 kann gegen dieses Feuerwerk an grafischen Genüssen einpacken. Spielerisch und technisch das Beste, was seit langem für den PC erschienen ist! Klasse!
DOSPC Format (UK)
Magic Carpet is a brilliant game. It's utterly involving and, if the control flaws were ironed out, the gameplay really would match the stunning graphics.
Magic Carpet more than vindicates Bullfrog’s change of course. It’s a game that’s as addictive, demanding and visually impressive as Doom II. And that’s some achievement.
DOSPower Play
Meinen tiefsten Respekt an Peter Molyneux und das komplette Bullfrog-Team. Wieder einmal haben es die pfiffigen Briten geschafft, aus einer innovativen Idee, gepaart mit technischer Brillanz, ein Spiel zu schaffen, das den Weg in eine heilere Spielezukunft weist. „Magic Carpet“ ist weit mehr als eine Art Populous in 3D, wie man zuerst vermuten könnte. Dafür ist einfach zuviel Action geboten.
SEGA SaturnAll Game Guide
The best parts of the game are the total freedom and the incredibly original gameplay. It takes weeks and weeks to complete each level this game contains, and it doesn't get boring for one minute. Sega Saturn owners are very fortunate that Magic Carpet was ported over to their system as it is one of the best games available.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
Further more, this version is better than the Saturn version. Better graphics, better controls. If for example you want to select a certain spell on the Saturn version, it's hard, because of the delay of the cursor. In the PlayStation version, all is well.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
The gameplay continually evolves, introducing new spells and more dangerous monsters. Exciting and addicting, this carpet is spotless.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US)
If you want to break out of those corridor adventures and play an original first-person shooter, test-drive this carpet of the Persian persuasion. The unfriendly skies have rarely been this inviting on the Saturn.
DOSPower Unlimited
De volgende generatie computerspellen staat klaar om de gamerswereld te veroveren en Magic Carpet is daar een goed voorbeeld van. Helaas heeft deze volgende generatie spellen ook een volgende generatie chips nodig om op snelheid te blijven. In dit geval minimaal een 486 met 4 Mb RAM en eigenlijk liever een Pentium met 16! Mb RAM. Maar dan zie je ze ook werkelijk vliegen.
PlayStationGame Players
All these factors point to one thing: If you haven't had a chance to play Magic Carpet, then it's time you did.
PlayStationVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
You can find new spells to help you defeat monsters and other wizards, erect castles to store your mana and marvel at the wondrous vistas of other worlds. It's a Magical Mystery Tour, but with fireballs.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Magic Carpet is a heck of game. It's original, incredibly fun and challenging. The Saturn's graphics are only a slight step down from the PSX version.
PlayStationOfficial UK PlayStation Magazine
One of the most interesting and original games in the past couple of years. It's infuriatingly difficult but nevertheless drags you in until you're hooked.
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic
Not only is the musical score extremely ominous and well orchestrated, but the sound effects are brilliant. You can hear nuances like water lapping against the shore, trees crackling with fire, and townspeople talking amongst themselves. Frightening roars can be heard in the distance when a large monster is approaching. Magic Carpet starts out a bit slow, but each level introduces more monsters and spells, and the action eventually gets very intense. There are 70 stages in all, which is absolutely insane considering how time consuming each one is. Magic Carpet doesn't fit neatly into a category, but that's a major reason why it's so great.
The landscape is somewhat barren, but what is there (trees, villages, lakes) responds to your magic permanently. This means if you scorch the earth with a fireball, it'll stay scorched. It's the little details that really make Magic Carpet worth exploring.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Many games are beginning to get ported over from the PC to the Playstation, but none are quite like Magic Carpet. The game is great combination of flight sim, action and adventure. The graphics of Magic Carpet are a bit blocky when flying close to objects, but do not hinder the actual gameplay in any way. The control does take some time to get used to, but once learned, you can find that it is easy to navigate through the 3-D environment. Magic Carpet's interface is fast and easy to use, allowing the gamer to choose spells quickly. Magic Carpet is a great game for the Playstation owners looking for an unusual and challenging game that one can play for hours on end.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
Magic Carpet er som en teppeflytur som kunne trengt litt mer teppebanking før det ble lansert. Man må bruke tid for å få skikkelig fatt i det, og jeg kan skjønne at mange elsker spillet, men jeg er nok ikke en av dem. Jeg greier ikke helt å finne fasinasjon i å fly på ett teppe, og skyte andre teppeflyvere, steinormer eller annen ondskap. Jeg synes bare spillet helt enkelt mangler variasjon i spillestilen, og det er noe som dreper gleden når man er kommet noen timer inn i spillet.
SEGA SaturnGameFan Magazine
To be honest, I never like Magic Carpet on the PC. Bullfrog has a bad habit of taking good games and cramming them full of Populous-like elements until they break. Pathetically, this isn't even a good version of Magic Carpet --- you can't see more than a few feet in front of your face, the default controls are stupid and the game never changes much. Big pass on this one.