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Magical Drop III

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SEGA Saturn
Game Boy Color

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Arcade 1 3.3
Game Boy Color 1 2.8
Neo Geo 1 4.2
PlayStation 1 2.3
SEGA Saturn Awaiting 1 votes...
Wii Awaiting 1 votes...
Zeebo 1 3.5
Combined MobyScore 5 3.2

The Press Says

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WiiNintendo Life
Magical Drop III doesn't try to re-invent the wheel when it comes to its overall gameplay design, but what it does do is carry over many of the best elements from its predecessor and then toss in a wealth of new gameplay twists and game modes for players to enjoy. And not only is the game an extremely competitive and intense multiplayer puzzler, but it's single-player modes are every bit as fun and challenging as well. In the end, Magical Drop III represents one of the best puzzle releases available on the Virtual Console and one well worth checking out for fans of the genre.
Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide
Those looking for an entertaining puzzle game should consider acquiring Magical Drop. With three difficulty settings and a fast-paced two-player mode, it will provide hours of fun and make players wish all games had the flexibility and depth that Magical Drop has to offer.
Game Boy ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Des rangées de boules de couleurs descendent du haut de l’écran, vous devez les éliminer avant qu’elles n’atteignent le bas. Classique ! Pour cela, il faut déplacer les boules d’une même couleur pour les assembler - plus loin - par trois, au minimum. On gagnera du temps en effectuant des réactions en chaîne. Des boules spéciales apparaissent au fur et à mesure, les colorées brillantes par exemple. Celles-ci, lorsqu’elles explosent, font sauter toutes les autres, mates, de même couleur. Par rapport aux anciennes versions sur consoles SNK, peu de choses a changé. On regrettera surtout le Story Mode moins complet qu’avant. Quant aux musiques, elles deviennent vite lassantes. Un jeu sympathique qui aurait mérité un ou deux modes solitaires supplémentaires.
Game Boy
Magical Drop n’est pas un hit mais il aura au moins le mérite de vous avoir diverti sur votre transat.
Game Boy ColorIGN
Tetris it isn't, but Magical Drop has its own merits as a puzzle game that makes it fun to play. The Game Boy Color conversion is as barebones as you can get for a puzzle game on the system -- there could have been more attention paid in the form of options for the single player modes, because there's just not much to the package.