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Magical Tetris Challenge

Magical Tetris Challenge Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title screen.
Select one of these empty slots to save your progress.
Entering here, you select between 4 options of easy interface.
Selecting QUEST (who is the main mode), it's time to pick your favorite character.
The Disney guys!
The adventure begins!
In your journey, you must challenge everyone who to appear in its front!
Stage clear! Now, request your prize...
Mickey plans the grand finale!
Maybe a bridge is a small step for a challenge.
"The bus arrived! I'm go home!"
Mickey and Donald: a great duel!
Clearing a line.
Put the vertical block correctly and you do a "Tetris"!
Hmmm... What a weird piece!
Try collect all the coins before the other competitors make it first! 3 coins left for you now...
Talking (or trying to talk) with somebody hidden in the sewer.
A meeting with the girlfriend before the next challenge. But the next challenge can be so close... ;-P

Magical Tetris Challenge Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Character selection
Beginning Story Mode with Donald
So I asked Goofy a question, which means I have to "help" him on the farm, and somehow this results in a tetris duel.
Donald enjoying his win
Donald visiting Minnie
This leads to another tetris battle. Of course.
Endless tetris mode with Mickey