MagMax Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Intro story
Starting out
Enemies ahead. I am firing on them.
I lost all my lives. I can enter my name for high score.

Arcade version

Title screen
Little boom!
Destroy enemy builds
Game over screen
SHMUP-section starts
Mini volcanoes
Another type of enemies
Full form
Now, I can destroy all enemies!

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Choose between keyboard and joystick to start the game
Some obstacles coming up
High score table

NES version

North American Title Screen
Japanese Title Screen
From a secret underground base...
Launch Magmax fighter!
Fighter firing
Fighter Firing underground
Enemies along the landscape
Upgraded with the head component, note an extra head in the top-right
Most of the Mag Max upgrades are shown in this shot
A fully assembled Mag Max underground

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen. A timer counts down until the program is in memory.
Start of game
Craft is being loaded.
My ship pops out of its silo onto the landscape and battle commences. The game plays really smoothly and the objects are well drawn
Crashing into a house, being shot, or being rammed by an alien all cost a life. The object is to collect the head on the far right by flying into it
Got the head, now I fire two shots instead of one. If I get shot now I lose the head and have to get another one, it no longer costs a life
Here I am losing my head by colliding with a house
Now to collect the legs
Got them!
The High Score screen