Maluch Racer 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Track selection
Car selection
Standard car, standard camera view, electricity track
Close camera back view
Standard car cockpit view
Far side camera view
Back window camera view
Weekend model, night city track, standard view
Back window view
Close back camera view
Double sharp
Race finished
Loading screen
Binocle model, city at evening track, standard view
Far camera view
Cockpit view
Second place
Pickup, parking track
Back window view
Collision with the Van
Turn left command
Checkpoint position
Bis Sport, supermarket track
Opponents left behind
Checkpoint in the small warehouse
Supermarket entrance
80 km per hour!
Toxic Maluch, go-kart track
Demolished checkpoint mark
Finish line
Polonez on the left side
Kabrio, ice track
Look through the back window.
Winter landscape
Maluch drifting - please note, this car has the engine on the back side!
Does this mean narrowing of the road?
Sporting model
I will have to use the insurance.
Checkpoint camera
New best score
Experimental Maluch
Incorrect checkpoint
Sharp right
Stylish speed indicators
Red Thunder 122 km
Top down viev
k-TecH game advertisement
No parking zone
Off the track