The Manhole Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
The Manhole
The Beanstalk
Bottom Of The Sea
Even The Fish Are Bilingual
The Walrus
A Desk
Use The Phone
The Crows Nest Is Occupied
A Mirror Can Be An Elevator
Menu Screen

Macintosh version

Title screen
The beanstalk growing out of the title-giving manhole. Will you climb up or down?
I chose to go up. A dragon is landing on the tower in the distance.
Inside the tower.
The game is full of Wonderland moments—suddenly, the tower was just part of a chess set.
A nice pond.
You meet fantastical, friendly creatures everywhere.
There is also a small channel labyrinth.
The elevator
Most screens contain some objects to play around with.
Who you gonna call?
Ancestor of an in-game character.
A very Myst moment.
Diving down to the ship.
You can even learn a little French.
Meeting the rabbit.
You can watch TV.
And what might you find going down the rabb... I mean, manhole?
Do you dare ring the bell?

PC-98 version

Title screen
The beanstalk
Letter from Wall Russ
White rabbit offers tea
Eat my shorts!
Press the ESC key to access the options menu, here you can change the text from Japanese to English
Indubitably! (English text)
Elephant (English text)
Dragon (English text)

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Very short intro (Japanese version). Don't worry, you can switch the text to English in the game itself
The game begins with the titular manhole
A giant tree grows out of it
You end up in a surreal, strangely appealing world. Where does this door lead to?..
Mysterious tower
Can you read that?..
You travel into a book. Clear inspiration for Myst, by the same creators
Checking all those books...
The rabbit offers you tea...
...and you accept. This is tea, indeed. You click on it, you drink it
Outside of rabbit's house, you see another one of those giant trees...
...and a tiny fire hydrant. Some of the screens in this game are really minimalistic
You know what to do, right? Just like in Alice in Wonderland :)
Right. The hydrant turns into a giant house
Click on the picture of the hat, and it will turn into... a picture of another hat
You are curious to explore everything. Of course you'll touch it...
...and be taken to a rather friendly dragon
You can use the remote to flip channels. Very nice touch of interactivity
Now it's time to explore the mysterious tower...
Plenty of atmosphere here...
Chatting with a flamingo, admiring the surreal background of giant chess pieces
This must be Ganesha, the well-known Hindu deity
The gondola is so tiny, that the rabbit finds it in his tea cup!..
Another one of those surreal passages. The corridor ends in snowy mountains
Hmm, now this is a strange place
Wall Russ? What's next - "Lie On"? "Jag You Are"? "Al E. Gator"? I can make those up too, you know :)