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PlayStation 2 version

Opening credits have a low-quality video style.
Main Menu
Story is told through a semi-flashback. This reporter is blowing the whistle on the snuff ring.
The minimap shows a red circle when you make noise the hunters can hear.
Stalking through ruined city districts.
Thanks for the clear instructions.
Move bodies to hide your crimes, or use the body as bait.
Press against walls and lean out from corners to plan your attack.
Each weapon has three stealth kills. The longer you charge, the gorier the attack.
Hide in the shadows to avoid detection.
Your inventory is extremely limited, and most weapons can only be used once.
The mysterious director locks off areas until you dispatch everyone.
End of level rating screens. Point bonuses for gory kills.
Stay out of the light to let this one pass.
Move slowly and stick to the dark to creep up behind hunters.
Video cassettes let you save your progress.
Plenty of dark and crumbling streets to host this twisted game.

Windows version

If you need a glass shard (weapon), break a glass
Iron gates can be opened with a crowbar
It is not very wise to attack multiple guys at the same time
Their advantage in quantity will result in a knockout (and last savepoint quickload)
Showing them their dead fellow member will make them weaker
Also a brick can be very useful when attacking multiple guys (it will make one of them dizzy)
Aahhh, crowbar, very useful tool
Baseball bat (red one - color shows its power)
By default, screen will look like a tv screen (with noise), it can be turned off
I wouldn't want to be that guy
This game is all about sneaking and killing
This guy doesn't have a head anymore - not pretty
TV view - cinematic mode
Killing a enemy with a plastic bag.
That video tape allows you to save your game.

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