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Manhunter: New York

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Atari ST

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interesting setting, terribly presented DOS woods01 (154)
Who knew that Manhunting can be so interesting? DOS *Katakis* (37835)
In 2002, the Orbs invaded New York.... DOS Dave Schenet (130)
A futuristic scenario presented with an old game engine DOS Olivier Masse (421)
Dark and brooding DOS Sam Hardy (76)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 3 3.2
Apple II 1 4.0
Apple IIgs 1 4.0
Atari ST 5 3.8
DOS 34 3.4
Combined MobyScore 44 3.4

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Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG)
I started off distinctly cool, if not bored and frustrated by it. Having persevered with it, I am currently impressed and intrigued by its puzzles, and even becoming a bit nonchalant as I breeze through the occasional arcade section. In fact, I am so taken with it that I am determined to see it through to the end. And that says a lot for a game that is about as far removed from a traditional text adventure as Eugene Lacey is from solving one! Manhunter is a big game that comes on five disks for the ST - and there are thirteen for the PC version! Therefore it is expensive. But if you like the sound of it, and can afford the price, I urge you to rush out and buy one!
All told, it was a fun game...if you can get beyond the graphics.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK)
It won't win any prizes for graphics but it does create a realistic, if simplistic, atmosphere of a run down, oppressed metropolis. That it's spread across five disks belies the limited nature of the game.
DOSJust Games Retro
The game sticks you into the slums of New York with the other various, hooded rabble remaining in the city. You're distinct in that you're a "Manhunter" - a human in charge of tracking human criminals. You're a cross between a bounty hunter and a police detective, and the age-old tale of "cop versus bad guy" is made somewhat more interesting with the inclusion of advanced surveillance and cataloguing technology. Your alien benefactors are spying on every single person in New York, and they've thoughtfully given you the keys. You really don't even need the alien invaders; this could have easily broken out as a 1984 kind of tale, and possibly been a little less silly in the process. But aside from the whole "floating eyeballs from outer space" deal, the game has a very dystopian, Orwellian atmosphere, and the use of real New York landmarks gives the environment a sense of credibility. It's a shame that the game is brought down by a serious identity crisis throughout its run.
DOSAdventure Classic Gaming
About a year after Sierra On-Line establishes itself a firm ground in the computer gaming industry, it decides to take a chance with a new development team. The end result of this effort is Manhunter: New York. I can still remember flipping through the company’s game catalog at 8 years old and seeing the advertisement for this game. The Manhunter series has been an experimental project headed by Dave, Barry, and Dee Dee Murray. In fact, the series stands as the last and only adventure series to be produced by the Murray trios, for reasons which soon become obvious in this article.