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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 2 2.9
Epoch Super Cassette Vision Awaiting 1 votes...
FM-7 Awaiting 1 votes...
Game Boy Advance 3 3.0
Game Gear 5 3.0
MSX 5 3.8
NES 7 3.1
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 1 votes...
Palm OS 3 3.0
PC-88 2 4.5
Sharp X1 Awaiting 1 votes...
Sord M5 Awaiting 1 votes...
Wii 2 4.5
Windows Mobile 3 3.0
Combined MobyScore 32 3.3

The Press Says

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Mappy is a worthwhile port, despite or because of the slightly shrunken levels, depending on who you ask. The bump in difficulty isn't unreasonable, and may actually be a welcome change depending on your personal tastes. It doesn't take very long to get through the game's 16 stages (you can do it 15 minutes or less if you're sufficiently skilled), but that doesn't hurt Mappy's quality as a score attack game. There are plenty of tricks to take advantage of as you work to improve your high score, and Mappy is a lot of fun to play casually. While I can't quite recommend the Famicom version of Mappy over the original arcade version, you really can't go wrong with either one. If you missed this gem in 80's, correct that oversight as soon as possible.
Mappy to klasyka sama w sobie. Wspaniały utwór przewodni, którego nie da się powiązać z żadną inną produkcją. Dzięki Virtual Console na Wii będziemy się mogli przenieść do czasów, gdy Mappy swoje złote lata świetności przeżywał na automatach lub Famiconie.
70 (UK)
It's fast and, as with all coin-hungry example of early arcade gaming, pretty unforgiving in its gameplay. It's also reasonably good fun, once you adjust to its breakneck pace, and while it's hardly the most obvious choice for an inaugural arcade download, there are far worse choices.
WiiNintendo Life
The game might not be as popular as Pac-Man or other Namco franchises, but as it stands it's still quite addictive and fun, even if it does get hard fairly fast. For 500 points you also get the best version of the game Namco has made, so what's not to like?
So, all in all, the surprise-announced Virtual Console Arcade might not make a great first impression on those who choose Mappy as their entry point. It's a quaint and fairly fun little platformer with good personality, and you probably won't feel ripped off if you do choose to spend the five bucks it takes to give it a download. But the VCA's launching setup menu seems like it's going to be better suited to arcade titles from a later era -- games that could really be served well by things like screen aspect ratio adjustment, content customization and button re-arrangement. Those features are a bit lost on poor, simple Mappy here.
Nintendo bewirbt Mappy und co. als VC Arcade Spiele, doch was bleibt ist nicht das einzigartige Automatenfeeling, sondern ein Geschicklichkeitstitel der einfachsten Sorte. Highscore-Süchtige und hartgesottene Nostalgiker werden den Titel sicherlich gerne mal ein paar Ründchen spielen, denn der Etagenwechsel mit Hilfe der Trampoline ist eine nette Idee und Zocker, die auch heute noch Gefallen an Pacman und co. finden, machen mit Mappy nicht viel verkehrt. Alle, die sich an dieser Stelle weniger angesprochen fühlen, suchen sich für die 500 Punkte besser einen der vielen guten NES/Commdore Titel aus dem VC-Sortiment und werden damit glücklicher.