Marble Madness Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The beginner race
The black marble tries to knock you off the board
Sometimes, it pushes itself off at the same time
These green springs pounce on you
A pipe to transport you between floors
Another pipe system
Intermediate race
Made it between the green springs
Out through the chute
Two can play, too

Apple II version

Title screen
Your marble rolling down the path...
Gameplay on the second level
Made it to the goal on the first level!
Watch out for the evil psychotic black marble of doom!
Rolling down the path.
Crossing an icy patch.
High score table.

Apple IIgs version

Title screen
The game begins here
The marble heads down a narrow path near the end of the first maze
Beginning the second maze
That pesky black marble trys to knock you off the path
The marble bounces a lot between the walls of this narrow path

Arcade version

Title screen
Game starts
Narrow passage
Stage 1 finish
Second stage
Second level completed
Little maze
Dangerous curve
High score

Atari ST version

Title screen
The beginner maze
Make your way down the narrowing path
Watch out for acid puddles!
You've been launched by the marble catapult
You need to travel uphill in the silly maze

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The first level
The black marble tries to knock you off the path
The mechanical wave
The pathway gets narrow!
About to fall off of the edge

FM Towns version

Title screen
Color configuration
First level
Second level: hostile balls
Beware of these green guys
High scores
Two-player mode
Guiding the ball through narrow passages

Game Boy version

Title Screen
First Race
Second Race
Ride the wave
Those vacuums sure do suck!

Game Boy Color version

Title screen
I guess it's this way
Close to finish line
Beginner's Race
Getting a bonus for using a certain route
And again getting a bonus for reaching the finish line
Intermediate Level
This thing just ate the marble
Not much time left

Game Gear version

Jumping Marble Eater
High Rollers
Navigating marble
Going down the ramp
Heading south
Down another ramp
...and another ramp
Title Screen

Genesis version

Electronic Arts logo
Title screen
The beginner race
Watch out for the marble munching green things
Those green acid puddles disolve marbles
The marble vacuum cleaners
Title screen (JP).
Main menu (JP). Or troublemakers...
Game options (JP).
Out of time. Game over.
New high score.

NES version

Title screen
The game allots a certain amount of time for the player to complete the level
Level 1
Level 2; watch out for the black marble
Later on in level 2 there are leeches who will eat the marble, possibly while the marble is waiting on the drawbridge
Down the chute and over the humps
Level 3 maze
The rolls of carpet will shove the marble along
Level 4, starting at dizzying heights
Being launched by the catapult
The title of level 5 says it all: Everything you know is wrong
In level 5, gravity works in reverse-- roll uphill
Level 6 -- the ultimate
The platform randomly appears and disappears close to the finish line

PC-98 version

Title screen
Configuration screen
First level
Start of second level
Short drops will stun the ball for a moment
If you touch these slimes oozing around the course the ball will melt
Completed the time trial
Ran out of time just before the finish line on the third level

PC Booter version

Title Screen
Start of game
The beginner course (CGA)
Watch out for creatures on the second level (CGA)
A mechanical wave! (CGA)
A crash landing after the marble catapult! (CGA)
The beginner course (Tandy/PCjr)
A narrow path, and a few assorted enemies... (Tandy/PCjr)
The path is about to get steep! (Tandy/PCjr)
Beginning a rather tricky level (Tandy/PCjr)

SEGA Master System version

High Scores
Title Screen
Main menu
First level
Avoid the tubes
Zig Zag
Game Over
Almost there