Mario Kart 8 Screenshots (Wii U)

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Wii U version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Grand Prix Speed Selection
Character Selection
Kart Customization
Choosing a Cup
Retro Tracks make a return
Drifting ahead of the competition
Sweet moves after a jump
Gliding to the finish
Darn Blue Shell!
Results Screen
Driving Underwater
Speed Boost
Final Cup Results
Connecting to Online Multiplayer
Multiplayer Main Menu
Tournaments add a greater sense of competition to online races compared to previous MK entries
Coins return
Coins also help unlock new parts
Looks like I got some nice new wheels
MKTV allows one to watch and edit saved replays of their own as well as those of others around the world
Passing a racer online
Online Results Screen
Getting some sick air
This piranha plant item will eat up items and racers in your path
Setting up Split-screen
As fun as ever
Mirror Mode. Everything is reversed!
Anti-Gravity action
Mario Kart 8 really is a great looking game
Just driving on the side of the wall, no big deal
Trophy Screen
The gamepad has a few options, such as the horn seen here
Gamepad can also show the track layout
Racing (Gamepad perspective)