Mario Party 2

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Nintendo 64

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Vast improvement. Something EVERY sequel needs to do! Nintendo 64 leon101 (61)
A fairly repetitive, but overall "good" game. Nintendo 64 Mattz1010 (17)

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Nintendo 64 32 3.9
Wii 3 4.2
Combined User Score 35 3.9

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Nintendo 64The Next Level
For those who are not convinced to try this after my seven paragraph rant, might I suggest a rental. This is not merely the same Mario Party with small changes, but is rather a revamped, improved, and superior in every way over the original. Now how many sequels can boast the same?
Nintendo 64Mag'64
Mario Party 2 ist mehr als ein würdiger Nachfolger und gehört in jede Spielesammlung, soweit einem das Spielgenre gefällt. Die Spielbretter sind anspruchsvoller, größer und schöner geworden. Dazu beitragen tun auch die neuen Items, die jeder Spieler nutzen kann und dem Spiel so oft eine unverhoffte Wendung geben. Der Spaßfaktor ist sehr hoch und sorgt im Brettspiel Modus für lange Nächte. Neu ist nun der wesentlich aufgebohrte Mini Game Park, der wesentlich mehr bietet als das reine Einzelspiel der Minis Spiele. Da man hier ebenfalls eine Menge an Aufgaben erfüllen muß um alle 64 Minispiele zu finden ist Mario Party 2 auch für Einzelspieler mehr als eine Empfehlung. Für 4 Spieler gibts nicht besseres das auf so lange Dauer eine vergleichbaren Spaßfaktor erzielt. Denn auch Grafik und Sound überzeugen noch mehr als im ersten Teil. Viele kleinere weitere Gimmicks sorgen ebenfalls für Abwechslung. Laßt euch diese Perle nicht entgehen. :-)
Finalizando ya el análisis, decir que es un juego recomendable para jugar en familia o con amigos (para eso fue diseñado). Además, esta vez nos llega traducido para que comprendamos todo lo que nos piden. Es verdad que podría haber dado más de sí técnicamente, pero en un minijuego de este tipo lo que se pide es jugabilidad y diversión a raudales. Imprescindible para fans de Nintendo.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
Mario Party 2 ist allen zu empfehlen, die sich oft Freunde einladen und den Vorgänger noch nicht haben. Zwar bekommen Besitzer von Mario Party frische Mini-Games, das Item-System und die neuen Bretter stellen aber ansonsten die einzigen Erweiterungen dar und rechtfertigen nicht unbedingt die erneute Ausgabe von 120 DM. Trotzdem stellt auch der zweite Teil einen absoluten Party-Hit dar, mit dem sich bis zu vier Spieler für lange Zeit königlich amüsieren können.
Nintendo 64Power Unlimited
Met Mario Party 2 speelt Nintendo op 'safe' door niet al te veel nieuwigheden in de game te verwerken. Desondanks is het ook nu weer een op je lachspieren werkend spelletje geworden, en kun je je maatjes weer regelmatig over de vloer verwachten.
Nintendo 64Nintendojo
Mario Party 2 is a game which takes the engine of Mario Party 1 and purdy's it up real nice like. The extra options, better presentation and smoother graphics make this game better than the original. It's really simple, if you liked the first Mario Party, then buy this sequel! The new games, maps, and objectives are more than enough to warrant a purchase. Great game with great multiplayer. Gotta be Nintendo
Nintendo 64Mega Fun
Mario Party 2 ist genau das, was ihr erwartet: Mehr vor all dem Guten, das auch schon der Vorgänger präsentiert hat. Stellt sich nur die Frage, ob man als Besitzer des ersten Teiles trotz der neuen Features auch die aktuelle Version benötigt. Als Fan der Mario-Welt ist Mario Party 2 meiner Meinung nach ein klarer Kauf, alle anderen Besitzer von Mario Party sollten sich das Ganze erst einmal im Laden anschauen und dann entscheiden.
Nintendo 64Retroage
Mario Party 2 jest zdecydowanie najbardziej udaną częścią z całej opisywanej trylogii. Jeśli szukacie zabawy na długie zimowe wieczory dla kilku osób to gwarantuje, że ta gra was nie zawiedzie (zresztą jak każde Mario Party). Ciężko napisać cokolwiek więcej niż w przypadku poprzedniej części... Po prostu kupcie, zagrajcie. Pozycja obowiązkowa jeśli chcecie by ludzie kłębili się przy waszym Nintendo 64 (mi osobiście udało się zgromadzić maksymalnie 7 graczy naraz i wszyscy bawili się wyśmienicie).
WiiOfficial Nintendo Magazine
It requires a certain group of players - four regular gamers and four compatible controllers - to get the most out of it, but if you tick the boxes this is great.
WiiDigitally Downloaded
Other Mario Party games may hit the Virtual Console, but number two belongs in your collection regardless. The variety of mini-games offered is immaculate, head and shoulders above several other entries. It could be a tough sell for the lone wolves of the world, but perhaps it’s worth the gamble.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Power Magazine
Some of the minigames are great, some are disappointing, but overall it's the best party game ever.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy
If you didn't like MP1, you're not going to like MP2. But if you were a fan of the silly original, you'll love it like I do. Sure, after a couple of hours I feel like I should be wearing a pointy hat and drooling (a practice I usually reserve for Fridays and holidays), but one man's childish waste of time is another man's goofy fun.
It's wonderful to see the Mario Party series make an encore appearance, as it's been several years since Mario Party 8 came along and I know thousands of fans' holiday season parties have felt the absence of this truly fun and funny party-gaming staple. If you became a Nintendo gamer in the last decade, missed Mario Party 2 back in 2000 or if you just can't play it on your N64 any more because someone broke your controllers with an ill-advised extra round of MP1, then definitely jump on board for this VC re-release. It's well worth its asking price in Wii Points and may make you the life of the party.
WiiNintendo Life
There's just something about the simple fun of Mario Party 2 that makes it so difficult to put down at times. Sure the mini-games can be a tad on the basic side, but it works quite well in giving the game a more accessible gaming experience that should appeal to gamers of all ages and skill levels. The game tends to be a bit bland as a single-player experience, but if you can round up some additional players, and in truth that's what this game is all about anyway, you're likely to get far more out of the game and find it to be a nice diversion from the usual platforming fare normally associated with this cast of characters.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide
When the books are closed on the Nintendo 64, it will be the multi-player aspect that players will remember most about the system, and Mario Party 2 ranks as one of the system's best.
Nintendo 64IGN
Well, Mario Party 2 is exactly as you'd expect -- more of the same. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you. With a whole slew of new mini-games, new theme worlds, bonuses and gameplay modes, this is certainly the Mario Party 2 have if you're new to the series. But if you already own the original, well, are new mini-games and different graphics for boards enough to warrant another $50? As far as we're concerned, only if you consider yourself a Mario Party fanatic.
Nintendo 64GameSpot
There is a host of minor improvements as well, such as your ability to buy items during gameplay, the addition of duel bouts between two or more players who've landed on the same space, and the fact that you can now overcome some of the more cryptic instructions for the minigames by entering into a practice round before you play the actual game. You can even turn off the bonuses at the end of the game if you find them to be too cheap. Graphically speaking, both the stages and the minigames appear a little sharper and more stylized than before, while the soundtrack is at least on par with the original game's, if not an improvement over it. The greatest betterment is that since you won't get sick of the minigames as you did with the original, there's much more replay value in Mario Party 2, and replay value is the main point of the game. It's a great deal of fun to play with a few friends, even more so than the last.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Land
However, if you'd rather do your bank account a favor and avoid the risk of being sourly disappointed, the original Mario Party is a better buy overall. And those who already own the first game in the series are advised to stick with that, as the sequel's lack of truly new and original elements is bound to disappoint. So, Mario Party 2 is not too bad in a nutshell, but the whole lazy, re-hashed cash-in nature of the whole thing hurts. We have every right to expect much more from Nintendo (what with the prices we pay them). Roll on Mario Party 3, then. Oh, and Nintendo? Next time, -don't- delay it's Euro release for ten months, would you?
WiiDefunct Games
At ten dollars this sequel is now cheaper than most real board games, and this is the perfect game to play during your holiday get-togethers this weekend. It still fails as a one-player experience, but it's the perfect release this close to Christmas.
Un titre sans surprise qui n'apporte pas grand chose de nouveau par rapport à son prédécesseur. Le succès du premier épisode a cependant prouvé que la recette des mini-jeux correspondait bien au public de la N64, un peu lésé ces derniers temps. Un achat indispensable pour tous ceux qui ne jurent que par le multijoueur.
WiiSpazio Games
Nonostante il tempo passi per tutti, alcuni titoli sono in grado di divertire ancora oggi, complice la loro fama di pietre miliari all’interno di un genere. Ciò è quanto possiamo affermare di Mario Party 2, il quale nonostante i dodici anni di età rappresenta ancora oggi un ottimo titolo da compagnia venduto a soli 1000 Wii Points (10 euro). L’esborso forse parrà meno giustificabile a chi lo giocò già a suo tempo, ed in questo caso se conservate ancora la cartuccia potreste preferire rispolverare il caro Nintendo 64. Per chiunque non lo avesse mai provato, è un’ottima occasione per farlo, a patto di avere tre amici e altrettanti Classic Controller extra.
Un titre sans surprise qui n'apporte pas grand chose de nouveau par rapport à son prédécesseur. Le succès du premier épisode a cependant prouvé que la recette des mini-jeux correspondait bien au public de la N64, un peu lésé ces derniers temps. Un achat indispensable pour tous ceux qui ne jurent que par le multijoueur.
Nintendo 64Super Play (Sweden)
Mario är ju alltid Mario. Vilket spelbolag som helst kan kopiera hans mustasch och den lilla ölmagen, men det är inte därför han har bilvit så populär. Vi älskar honom för alla de fantastiska spel som han har varit med i. Därför är det ganska sorgligt att konstatera att Mario Party 2 bara är en upprepning av ett spel som inte ens från början kom i närheten av Nintendos standard.
Nintendo 64Gamekult
Mario Party 2, destiné au multijoueurs et accessible à tous comme d'autres titres du genre, propose de nombreux mini-jeux, variés et très amusants, devant lesquels vous pouvez d'ores et déjà prévoir de nombreuses heures de jeu, que ce soit en famille ou entre copains... A condition que le lent, fastidieux et hélas incontournable jeu de l'oie qui enrobe les mini-jeux ne vous fasse pas fuir. Qu'un joueur se dévoue pour s'y coller, et débloquer tous les mini-jeux, alors jouables indépendamment, et Mario Party 2 pourra enfin faire honneur à sa vocation : amuser les petits et les grands, ensemble.
Nintendo 64Game Revolution
As a party game, Mario Party 2 does offer some fun, provided you have four real-life people to play with. However, the luck factor is guaranteed to drive at least one of you ballistic. The new mini-games are nifty, but fail to truly liven up the party. Now can someone give me a ride home? Mario made me drink too much Campari.