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Mario Teaches Typing 2

Mario Teaches Typing 2 Windows This is the title screen of the game.


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Windows 3.x

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Great game Windows MegaMegaMan (2216)

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Macintosh 1 3.0
Windows 4 3.4
Windows 3.x 4 3.3
Combined MobyScore 9 3.3

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This program makes typing into a computer game, but it is definitely more suited for kids than adults. To kids, Mario is friendly and funny, to adults, he is sugary and overdone. Good for kids, but adults should probably find a more mature typing program.
Although it’s fun to watch Mario escape danger, the action can be distracting. It’s hard to concentrate when Mario is about to be attacked by an octopus. And sometimes a 3-D Mario head appears onscreen — a floating, talking apparition that is more bizarre than motivating. But the game is a great exercise for those just learning to type or attempting to improve their skills. Think you can type 50 wpm? Even typing masters might be surprised by what Mario has to say about that.
Few teenagers or adults will enjoy Mario's goofy "games" (you can't lose if you make too many errors--Mario, Luigi, and the Princess just stand still until you hit the next correct key), and the CD doesn't provide enough background information for younger typists. It took me several false starts before I realized what was required in the Evaluation Test, and Mario teaches typewriter-style typing--with two spaces after a period--as opposed to computer keyboarding, where you properly use a single space after closing punctuation. Even its graphics aren't an improvement on the old Donkey Kong arcade games. If you want to learn typing, take a semester course at school or check out Mindscape's superior product, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.