Mario Tennis Screenshots

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen.
The main menu: here you can play only for training purposes, begin a new tennis career, try the luck in some mini-games etc.
Selecting character
Selecting court
Players going to their positions
Saved it
Charging for a more powerful and fast shot
Throwing the ball
Losing the game
Instructions on how to play a mini-game
Getting ready
That goes straight to the star
A mini-game where you have to throw the ball in the target area
Clearing the first level of Target Shot mini-game
Trying to hit the banana pictures
Losing when the ball is out
A game in the Castle Court
Story mode
Great adventure in tennis game
Should be another villain.

I know.
Mario brothers waits.

Official Screenshots

  • Mario Tennis Screenshot In this mini-game, Donkey Kong has to hit the banana panels a certain number of times without missing the ball.
    Official Game Page -
    DK Mini-game
  • Mario Tennis Screenshot As you accomplish certain tasks, you'll unlock hidden characters and extra courts.
    Official Game Page -
    Hidden Characters
  • Mario Tennis Screenshot No matter what's going on in your career, you can always save your progress and begin again exactly where you left off.
    Official Game Page -
    Save Your Career
  • Mario Tennis Screenshot After earning experience points, you get to decide whether to give them to yourself or your partner. If you like, the points can be split up between both players.
    Official Game Page -
    Share the Experience
  • Mario Tennis Screenshot Hungry? Visit the cafeteria to scarf down some grub and chat it up with your fellow students.
    Official Game Page -
    Lunch and a Chat
  • Mario Tennis Screenshot Walk to the training court to learn new techniques from the Royal Academy's teaching staff.
    Official Game Page -
    The Royal Training Court
  • Mario Tennis Screenshot There's no better way to work up a sweat than by watching other people work out. Pass the nachos!
    Official Game Page -
    Pass the Nachos!