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    Popular Nintendo Character Brings New Life
    to Classic Games in Interplay's Mario's Game Gallery

    Irvine, California, April 14, 1995-- Interplay Productions gave new life to some old favorites with today's release of Mario's Game Gallery, the company's latest edutainment title to hit the retail market. Headlining the game is the well-known and highly-recognized Nintendo character, Mario. Players of all ages will enjoy such childhood favorites as Checkers, Backgammon, Go Fish, Yacht and Dominoes in beautifully detailed 256-color graphics. The title is now available on a variety of platforms including IBM and 100% compatibles for DOS, Windows and CD-ROM. It will also be available for Mac users on floppy and CD-ROM from MacPlay, the Macintosh division of Interplay.

    Mario's Game Gallery includes five of the world's most popular games on a new interactive medium. Mario comes to life in animated sequences -- laughing, playing jokes and encouraging players to improve their skills -- in his gallery of fun and games. Children will be enthralled for hours with the variety of options available in Mario's Game Gallery, ultimately improving their game-playing abilities.

    "Mario's Game Gallery is more of a playmate than a software program," said Jerry Luttrell, marketing manager for Interplay. "With the product's easy-to-use interface, fun graphics and amusing animation, in addition to its entertaining content, children will spend hours in this self-contained world of fun and games".

    Interplay used state-of-the-art voice technology to bring the perennial Nintendo character to life with phonetic mouth movements. The original voice of Mario will encourage the player with complements and entertain them with amusing anecdotes and knock-knock jokes.

    Developed by Presage, each game features well-known Nintendo characters from the world of Mario. Everyone's favorite card game, Go Fish, has a new twist with Mario and a full 52-card deck featuring the Princess, Luigi, the Little Toadies, Goombas, Rip Van Fishies, Bob-Bombs, and Big-Boos, among other memorable friends. Koopa and Yoshi delight and entertain players while they teach kids the strategic game of Backgammon in a none-too-serious environment. In the always enjoyable game of Checkers, players go up against either Yoshi or Koopa and watch in wonder as their pawns waddle across the checkerboard and gobble up their opponents. In Yacht, it's the luck of the roll that will determine who will be the victor as the child goes head-to-head with Mario. Dominoes will give children a chance to face off against Mario over an energetic and fun-filled game of wits.

    Mario's Game Gallery is available now for IBM and 100% compatibles, running DOS 5.0 or higher or Windows 3.1, on floppy or CD-ROM. IBM system requirements include a 386SX/33 or faster with 7mb of hard disk space. The Windows version requires 4mbRAM and the DOS version requires 2mb RAM; both require a VGA color monitor. The Sound Blaster series and all 100% compatible sound boards are supported.

    Mario's Game Gallery is the latest title released by Interplay's veteran producer, Thomas R. Decker. Decker's earlier achievements include the best-selling Mario Teaches Typing, Star Reach, and Bridge With Omar Sharif, to name just a few. Decker is currently working on the soon to be released Kingdom: The Far Reaches and Bridge Deluxe II With Omar Sharif. Gamers can look for these titles in the summer of '95.

    Mario, Luigi, The Princess, Yoshi and Koopa are trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc.

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Back Cover - Windows:

  • Your family will love playing with Mario in these easy-to-play games for kids of all ages. Play checkers with Yoshi and the Koopa Troopers. Test your memory with Go Fish. Wake the Turtles in backgammon. Or roll the dice against Mario in yacht.

  • Using digitized voices, Mario actually talks you through each game with friendly and encouraging assistance. And with easy-to-read, on-screen instructions and brilliantly detailed graphics, you'll be King of the Game Gallery in no time!

  • Features Backgammon, Go Fish, Checkers, Dominoes, and Yacht - all in one fun-filled package!

  • Original music based on the familiar Mario themes.

  • State-of-the-art voice technology brings Mario to life with phonetic mouth movements.

  • Includes the familiar "voice of Mario" as he jokes and encourages you to play.

  • Animated sequences to delight and entertain the child in all of us.

  • Recognizable game pieces from the world of Mario. Play Checkers with Koopas and Yoshis and Go Fish with all the familiar faces... or just roll the dice against Mario in a game of Yacht... every game is custom fit to Mario and his realm.

  • Help screens available for all the games with on-screen rules and directions.

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