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PlayStation 2games xtreme (Mar 27, 2003)
I was going to give it 93% but I decided after further exploration that the game still needed something, definitely longer. Still Mark of Kri is a game you have to own or play just for the cool combat system and refreshing take on the Genre.
PlayStation 2Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Aug 05, 2002)
The Mark of Kri is an absolute blast to play, and stands as one of the better third person action titles I’ve run across on the PS2. Smart gameplay blends with furious action to produce an experience that can only be described as Metal Gear Solid Goes Barbarian! The comparison isn’t really fair, as Konami’s games focus far more on story and character development, but Rau’s ability to sneak and move strategically through patrolling guards certainly carries much of the same flavor. Interactivity with your environment (and requisite cardboard boxes) are sacrificed when you step back in time though, and SCEA’s offering puts decidedly more emphasis on combat, letting you easily tackle up to six opponents at once in furious swordplay. Carrying this gameplay is a solid storyline, excellent voice work and some seriously beautiful graphics, making The Mark of Kri an excellent choice for any gamer.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Jul 29, 2002)
I happen to like The Mark of Kri a lot. It's nicely executed and intriguing title with excellent atmosphere, and a great and intuitive combat system to boot. It's visually appealing, no doubt, and the audio is top-notch to say the least. The controls can be quickly learned once you take a stroll through the training level, and from there on your journey will begin. Replay wise, it's roughly a 10-12 hour adventure, but chances are you'll find yourself re-spawning back a save point, after five enemies pummeled you to your death, so the game is hardly a breeze. If you're still torn as to whether or not you should purchase the game, I'd certainly recommend at least renting it and giving it a shot -- it's certainly worth that, if not more. The Mark of Kri is certainly one title that I'll be playing throughout the year; it's a great game.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Jul 30, 2002)
Sony's Mature-rated hack-n-slash features a unique battle system that highlights an invigorating style of gameplay worth checking out.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Aug 09, 2002)
For as long as man has existed, so has evil. The evil beings that exist in The Mark of Kri's world created a spell that could bridge the good world with the one of darkness. Just before the spell could be invoked, it was stolen and hidden in a safe place. This "safe place" isn't so safe though. The Mark of Kri is one of the keys to invoking this awful spell, and Rau -- the game's heroic warrior -- has it. He was born with it. As he fights a few evil wimps for fun (and cash), Rau discovers the secret behind his strange mark. Now he must go on a journey to stop those who are evil from destroying the world.
PlayStation 2IGN (Jul 19, 2002)
Introduced to the public this past spring, Sony Computer Entertainment America's The Mark of Kri, a homegrown beat-'em-up, combines elements that, to date, have been at odds with one another, and like the titles mentioned above, shares successful genre blending techniques. It's a relatively straightforward beat-'em-up, crafted in the lineage of games such as Final Fight and Golden Axe, yet it ascends the ideas first introduced in those great arcade titles by imagining a game deeply weaved with a story of good and evil, taking place in an imaginary world formed with ideas rooted in Polynesian, Aztec, New Zealand cultures. It incorporates numerous stealth, strategy, and fighting elements into a larger whole, and it's portrayed in an unrivaled hand-animated style by protégées of Don Bluth and Walt Disney.
PlayStation (Mar 18, 2003)
Sans conteste le Beat'em all de l'année et même plus même s'il pêche par une durée de vie trop courte, on ne peut qu'espérer que The Mark Of Kri parviendra à faire carrière en dépit de sa discrétion et sa courte durée de vie. Peut-être le grand chambardement qu'il fallait au genre pour sortir de sa torpeur.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (Aug, 2002)
Between the fall of Atlantis and the rise of the Playstation 2, there existed an Age shrouded in mystery. And unto this, the great warrior Rau, destined to discover the secret of the Mark of Kri, would do battle against a timeless evil that sought to destroy the earth.
PlayStation 2Gaming since 198x (Jul 26, 2010)
Blindé de bonnes idées mais aussi de quelques défauts, Mark Of Kri, c'est un grand pas dans l'évolution des Beat them all. Un excellent défouloir de première classe et une immersion dans des décors sublimes.
PlayStation 2Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 08, 2003)
Det visuella är smakfullt utformat, konceptuellt originellt och väl genomfört. Ljudet håller även det hög klass, speciellt musiken. The Mark of Kri är ett snyggt designat, originellt och polerat spel som för tankarna till många av mina tidiga 16-bits-favoriter samtidigt som Sony lyckas implementera delar av såväl Tenchu som Metal Gear. Med en djup spelmekanik, varierande miljöer och en stor dos utmaning är detta ett av vårens mest intressanta PS2-spel.
PlayStation 2Gamezine (Mar 15, 2003)
Le voici le voilà : The Mark Of Kri, ou le jeu qui aurait dû remplacer The Getaway. En effet, car Sony aurait mieux fait de s'occuper de ce petit nouveau au lieu de passer 6 ans sur une merde commerciale qu'est The Getaway. Autant je pense que The Mark Of Kri aurait pu être le chef d'oeuvre de cette année (si si !), autant je me dis que Sony c'est des en*****. Mais ne nous attardons pas sur ce fait certes décevant, car nous ne sommes pas là pour chipoter, testons plutôt ce jeu sublime, point par point...
PlayStation 2Game Over Online (Jul 31, 2002)
Return with me to a simpler time: When heroes were born not out of circumstance, but legendary feats of bravery, justice and selflessness. When threats to safety and security came not only from humanity, but supernatural realms as well. When man and gods waged the eternal struggle between good and evil on a daily basis. And, finally, when their legends served to instruct, entertain, and inspire those who heard about their deeds. Talk about a gold mine of content for a game, huh? Sony’s San Diego Studios takes advantage of this scenario with its latest release slated to hit store shelves today, The Mark of Kri.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Jul 21, 2002)
At its annual E3 press conference, Sony highlighted a number of what it termed "AAA" titles that were in the works for 2002. Tucked amongst the various Getaways and SOCOMs was a little-known title called The Mark of Kri. Developed internally at Sony's San Diego Studio, the suddenly-hyped game was proudly displayed near the center of Sony's booth. Now, Kri is finally hitting stores all around the country. While the game is not of the caliber that Sony's marketing push may lead you to believe, it's still a solid and visceral action game with a handful of innovative surprises.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Jul 19, 2002)
More and more games these days are taking on the challenge of creating a fighting system that lets players fight more than one enemy at once. Each game takes a slightly different approach to the concept, and each approach has met with varying degrees of success. Sony's new action game, The Mark of Kri, is another game chasing the elusive multicharacter fighting system, and it does so quite well and sports some great looks and animation to boot. Unfortunately, the game's level design too often steers you away from this cool fighting system, instead focusing on a rather hackneyed stealth mechanic. The end result is an awkwardly paced game that is theoretically full of cool stuff to do, but the gameplay itself just doesn't let you actually do any of it often enough.
PlayStation (UK) (Mar 11, 2003)
Although we very much enjoyed The Mark of Kri, which we finished in one day, it has arrived at very much the wrong time for a game of its almost-brilliance. Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, which sits handsomely at my side, its manual beaming at me in all its photocopied glory, tackles stealth kills almost identically, and concentrates its efforts solely on that subject. Instead of giving the rest of the game over to hackandslash tedium (which, if you can't get a handle on the 'disarm; slaughter' technique, will quickly become depressing), a bit of focus might have alleviated the problems. Our advice? Rent it, complete it, return it and wait for the sequel. If the ending's anything to go by, there will be one.
Ett steg i rätt riktning som stundtals håller riktigt hög klass. Mer av dittan och mindre av dattan hade höjt betyget ett snäpp.
PlayStation 2Games TM (Mar, 2003)
To top it all off, the levels tend to be far too linear; despite regular twists, turns, hills and holes, there's really one route through each stage. Combine this with the infuriatingly slow pace, the stodgy controls and bland, pastel colour palette, and you end up with something that, despite featuring a healthy injection of innovation, ends up falling short of almost every goal it sets out to achieve.