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Marvel Land

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 1 3.0
Genesis 4 3.4
Wii Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 5 3.3

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If you like like games that look good and play forever - and, let's face it, who doesn't? - then Marvel Land is the answer to your prayers. Move over Sonic, Marvel Man has arrived.
GenesisPlayer One
Richesse de situations, souci du détail et réalisation sans faille. Vous l'aurez compris, Talmit's Adventure, c'est du tout bon. Et il a surtout le mérite d'être un jeu familial, qui plaira aux plus jeunes et charmera les pros du paddle. De plus, un excellent système de codes permet de ne pas toujours recommencer au départ. Deux petits reproches malgré tout: le jeu à deux n'est pas du tout exploité et quelques mondes supplémentaires n'auraient pas été de trop...
GenesisConsoles Plus
Si vous cherchez des jeux d'action qui privilégient réflexion et bons réflexes, Marvel Land ne vous décevra pas.
GenesisACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Perhaps it's a touch of nostalgia for Marvel Land's 'old style' gameplay, but this is by far the best game I've played this month. It's easy to pick up, easy to control and easy to like. There are enough surprises and novelties to keep interest going, and a password systems means that you can cut past the boring bits. Hell, I'm even starting to like the graphics...
GenesisMean Machines
The first thing that grabs you about Talmit's Adventure is the quality of the graphics. The screen is awash with colourful sprites and backdrops, and the comical style of the characters brings Robocod to mind, especially on world three where the scenery is made up of various types of food. The whole platform experience is here, with a few original extras like Talmit's revolving attack method. But this game does have its short-falls. A straight forward feet-first attack requires absolute precision, which can lead to frustrating deaths. This problem is magnified when you consider that Talmit's Adventure involves some tricky gameplay. Another thing to watch out for is the slowdown that occurs at certain points, which can jeopardize your progress. But for me, the pros tend to outweigh the cons, because the size of the game and the range of entertaining features provide the incentive to keep coming back for another go. A good example of the genre.
So, should you play it? Yes. It's definitely one of the better platformers of the era, and it's been overlooked. Despite the cutesy appearance, it packs a decent challenge. I thought I'd played them all, so this was a surprise, a NICE surprise. If you're a fan of creative platformers like Jumping Flash, Wardner, McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, etc., be sure not to miss Marvel Land.
Ricordare Rolling Thunder è d'obbligo, o lo stesso Wonder Momo (il cui protagonista era, guarda caso, una dolce donzella); Marvel Land può considerarsi l'apice del genere platform prodotto da Namco, una gemma a cui non è possibile sottrarsi, che costringe l’interlocutore a inserire la monetina "virtuale" per un divertimento pragmatico, visionario e concreto.
GenesisPower Play
Welch ein Modul der Gegensätze: Da wollte Namcot wohl ein Gegenstück zu Mario schaffen, setzt wohl auch einen guten Designer und Level-Entwickler ran, aber dann machen Programmierer und Grafiker alles wieder kaputt. Einfallslose Farbgebung, langweilige Hintergründe, Sprites mit wenigen Animationsphasen. Die Steuerung beim Springen verhält sich anders als bei den „guten“ Springspielen. Schade, denn die vielen tollen Ideen gehen damit unter. Die Gegner sind witzig und nicht schwer zu knacken – lediglich die Steuerung macht das Spiel manchmal unnötig schwer. Durch das Paßwort-System können Profis das Modul schnell durchspielen.