Marvel Land Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Push button
World map
Water obstacles
Cute dragon
Guy with spear
Moving platform
Help! I'm drowning!

Genesis version

Title (NTSC version)
Title (Japanese version)
Title (PAL version)
World Map
Collect the four crystals
So off Talmin goes on his merry quest
Push the bowling ball right back into the spring to kill incoming enemies
Attack of the Clones
Talmit reaches the exit door
Open treasure chests for a surprise
Talmit has grown wings
Talmit rides on a roller coaster
Watch out for the sign, Talmit
Talmit crawls around
Dig Dug's Pooka makes his guest appearance
So you want to play kinky, eh?
This looks like a haunted place
To end the world, you must play "scissors, paper, rock" with the boss
The bird hits Talmit with his bommy-knocker
Talmit hits the bird with his bommy-knocker
Bonus stage
Bonus stage statistics
Where is the amusement park now? All I can see are meadows
Talmit on a boat
Talmits vs. Teddy
"Come with me and I'll show you the way to the next park."
Talmit finds his way onto a ship
Talmit falls into lava
Talmit braves a waterfall
Fill a balloon of water and drop it onto the boss
Your girlfriend is about to get it