Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Angry Blackheart vs Mr. Bison in defence
Omega Red vs Shuma-Gorath
Time to Dan
He has twin
Winner's speech
Chun-Li's low kick
Ready to fight!
Dan's special moves
Lightning. Poor Sakura
Dan's pose - priceless
Winner's speech
Gals fight
Choke him!
Mega hadouken
Zangief's revenge
Yoga Fire!
And more powerful version
Pathetic attack
Mirror match
Chun Li's special technique
Crouching Wolverine
So much power!
Energy sphere
Captain America
Tentacle attack
Fight against Hulk

PlayStation version

Title screen
Character selection
Main menu
Pre-battle screen
Chun-Li attempting to hit-stop Hulk's move Gamma Charge (Forward) using only her Reishiki Kikou Ken.
After having foot-summoned a bunch of demons, Blackheart connects his first offensive against Dan...
Akuma hit-damaging Omega Red through the first 2 hits of his spinning attack Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku.
Through his Shield Slash attack, Captain America is able to confront Blackheart's Dark Thunder move!
While Cyclops performs his Optic Blast (Middle) attack, Chun-Li calls Wolverine for some assistance.
Shuma-Gorath executes his projectile-based move Mystic Share during Zangief's kickin' counterattack.
Could Sakura Kasugano's move Hadouken be a hit-smashing menace for Dan Hibiki's attack Premium Sign?
While Omega Red attempts to connect his non-stop tentacle moves, Wolverine's about to strike back...
To successfully avoid Shuma-Gorath's eye-based attack, Chun-Li performs her Kuuchuu Dash technique.
P1 Wolverine (powered-up by his Berserker Charge) using his claw-based Strong Punch in P2 Wolverine.
Spider-Man starts to perform a long jump, but Ken Masters' Shoryuken is about to finish this action!
Helped by Ryu's Hadouken, P1 Hulk dashes the sufficient to start his next counterattack in P2 Hulk!
Even during Blackheart's Inferno attack (Fire Version), Sakura strikes back through her Shouo'u Ken!
M. Bison executes his Strong Punch while his Psycho Bomb damages Dhalsim with 7 successful hits...
Cyclops' Strong Kick being used simultaneously to Sakura Kasugano's Hyper Combo: Shinkuu Hadouken...
Captain America uses his shield in an attempt to upper-attack Dhalsim and hit-stop his Yoga Flame...
Demonstrative match at the exact instant that Hulk hit-connects accurately a Light Punch in Zangief.
Post-match screen.
Helped by Blackheart, Zangief beats Omega Red using the massive strength of a Crossover Combination!
Wolverine doing his Hyper Combo Fatal Claw simultaneously to Ryu's Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku...
Training Mode session, with Ken Masters executing his non-stopping Hyper Combo Shinryuu Ken in Hulk.
Now, Dan Hibiki successfully performs his almost suicidal Hyper Combo Otoko-Michi against Akuma...
The fight's over, but Hulk still attempts to connect a last Variable Assist in P2 Captain America...
Taking advantage of the remaining seconds, Ryu quickly hit-finishes Hulk with his Shin Shouryuu-Ken!
Spider-Man (assisted by Shuma-Gorath's Mystic Smash) executing his move Spider Sting in Ken Masters.
P2 Shuma-Gorath's counterattack being accurately grab-stopped by P1 Shuma-Gorath's Chaos Dimension.
Hulk attempts to hit-stop Dhalsim's punch-based offensive using... another punch-based offensive!!!
Chun-Li ends her Super Cancel series using a Kikou-Shou: luckily, Captain America gets to block it.
With his move Optic Blast, Cyclops successfully gets to hit-stop Shadow's attack Somersault Shell...
While P1 Blackheart does a lightning move, Zangief attacks P2 Blackheart using his Flying Powerbomb.
A new Training Mode session with Chun-Li (assisted by Blackheart's Dark Thunder) doing a Hazan Shu.
Sakura Kasugano's counterattack attempt being interrupted by Hulk's grabbing attack Gamma Tornado...
Instead to use one of his special moves against P2 U.S. Agent, Bison uses a simple Crossover Attack.
P1 Omega Red and Blackheart's Crossover Combination Attack hit-damaging P2 Omega Red accurately...
To avoid Blackheart's move Inferno (Shock version), M. Bison takes full advantage of his Bison Warp.
Dhalsim is hit-damaged by Apocalypse's Hyper Combo Ground Zero Eye Beam: it's a dangerous situation!
And Blackheart starts to perform his Inferno attack (Ice version) against a defensive Cyber-Akuma...
Hero Battle mode: You can control a team of Street Fighters or Marvel Super Heroes against a CPU controlled team.
This version has no 2 on 2 mode but in compensation has the Cross-Over mode and allows you play tag-team battles against a mirror image of your team.
Gallery mode: You can see ilustrations of the game.