Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Morrigan vs Hiryu
Mutant vs Succubus
Winners tekst
First attack
I lost
WarMachine chases MegaMan
Mega Laser
Transformed MegaMan is giant
Special version Shoryuken
Do you want play cards?
Tech wins!
Nice effects
MegaMan uses cannon
Throw Hulk! Yeah!
Laser on Hulk - in marvel universe, should be useless
Captain America
Claws attack
Venom is hungry
Face attack

PlayStation version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version).
Main menu
Character selection.
Choosing the second character (regular or Special Partner).
Ryu (in Akuma mode) escapes of Psylocke's attack using his teleport-based move Ashura Senkuu.
War Machine blocking the team-up offensive formed by Rockman (Megaman) and Unknown Soldier.
Simultaneous-clashing attack involving both Mega Zangief's Vodka Fire and Hulk's Gamma Slam moves.
Spider-Man feels the burning-flaming strength of Jin Saotome's cyclone-based High Kick!
Venom uses his swimming-style move Venom Fang on time to stop Gambit's Trick Card move.
Captain Commando strikes back War Machine with his electric-ground-shaking move Captain Collider.
Protected by the immunity of grabbing attacks, Gambit escapes unhurt of Thor's shocking offensive.
Wolverine smashing Morrigan with the strength of his claw-long-range-style High Punch.
Ryu strikes back Captain America using one of his grabbing attacks successfully.
Ryu starts his fast-and-furious damage sequence using a 15-hit Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku in Hulk.
Akuma Mode activated: Ryu uses a 13-hit Tenma Gou Zankuu to counterattack Morrigan Aensland...
Now, Ryu (in Ken Mode) finishes the fast-and-furious sequence with a 13-hit Shinryuu Ken in Zangief!
Chun-Li attacks Morrigan with her non-stop-flashing hyper combo Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku.
Due to Beginner Mode functions, Strider Hiryu could cancel his Legion hyper combo with another one.
Combat paused during Hulk's Gamma Crush execution: its damage went too much for Strider Hiryu...
Training Mode session with Jin executing a 21-hit Blodia Vulcan hyper combo in Venom.
Through a Variable Cross, Captain Commando and Saki begins a new offensive against Captain America!
Behind the rosy curtains, Morrigan attacks Morrigan (!) with her Eternal Slumber hyper combo...
The time is out, but Wolverine still could connect his Fatal Claw hyper combo in Zangief!
Shadow Lady uses one of her Hyper Combos and defeats Zangief without many problems...
Chun-Li executing "successfully" her Kikou Shou in front of a defeated High-Speed Venom.
Aiming to parry Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken, Venom uses the Advancing Guard repeated times.
Captain America taunts, Devilot attacks and Gold War Machine is about to end his Shoulder Cannon...
Gallery Mode picture showing part of the game cast in a head-to-head meeting...
This time, Morrigan's Silhouette Blade wasn't superior to Hyper Roll's invincibility...
Aiming to parry Onslaught's Head Crush move, Gambit takes advantage of the Advancing Guard too.
Onslaught's attempt of attacking Chun-Li with his Dash Punch move: she blocks the offensive on time!

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