Mary-Kate and Ashley: Crush Course Screenshots

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Windows version

At the start of the game there's an animated sequence showing the girls doing fun things like cheerleading, playing seaside arcade games and so on. It ends with a shot of the real girls
The game's main menu
This screen is seen a lot. It follows ant selection from the main menu, it's inbetween the holes on the golf course and so on
The guys in offer are Dylan & Brandon, Bruce & Chad, Brett & Aaron, Blake & Ryan, and Beau & Nathan
The first activity is to get the girls dressed for school
Once at school there's an animated sequence in which the girls hear of the torn up message and get their first clues
The pieces of the message collected so far can be examined at any time by pressing the F1 key
Time to start playingthe game. To start with only the Freshman year activities are available
The first class is the Physics Class and its preceded by an animated sequence in which the girls follow Courtney onto the school bus for a field trip
The first hole of themini golf session. All the holes are science based and this one is a tribute to Albert Einstein's general Relativity Theory
The arrow keys walk the girls up to the ball and adjust the direction of the put. the Right Shift key controls the strength of the swing
The girls play alternately. After the ball is sunk in the hole they either give a victory salute or bury their head in their hands depending on how well they've done
The score card is displayed at the end of each hole, here it is at the end of the game
It takes a pretty good score to pass this course and get another clue