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Back of Box - Commodore 64 (US):
    You are Mac Steele, a seasoned archaeologist, adventurer and treasure hunter. Your latest acquisition: a pre-Columbian artifact from Central America that is surrounded by legend and intrigue. Delving into the secrets of the artifact, you discover to your surprise that it may somehow relate to an even more valuable and coveted artifact: the Mask of the Sun!

    Suddenly tragedy strikes. While probing a small crevice of the artifact, a pale green gas escapes and sends you reeling into unconsciousness. Two days later doctors are able to temporarily halt the rapid degeneration that your body is undergoing, but they offer no cure. Your only hope is to locate what may hold the only clue to a cure: the Mask of the Sun.

    Your desperate search for the Mask leads you to the ancient Aztec ruins in Central Mexico, where you encounter a reality unknown to modern man. You'll be facing death at every turn as you venture inside ancient pyramids and attempt to uncover the secrets of a long lost civilization - before it's too late.

    The Mask of the Sun will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours. Full use of the latest innovations in computer graphics and "intelligent" interaction make this one of the most exciting and challenging adventure games ever.

    Mask of the Sun features:
    • A gripping story line full of adventure and intrigue.
    • Superb animation that makes individual scenes come alive.
    • Travel sequences that keep you involved in the movement of the game.
    • Phenomenal graphics that make the places you see worth the challenge of getting there.
    • Intelligent text interpretation that allows you to use everyday English.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Feb 05, 2005.