Masquerade Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

The story so far...
Hotel room with knocked out hit man.
Ahhh! There's a bomb here!
Waiting room.
Kabooom! The bomb blows up the hotel!
City street.
Outside movie theater.
Outside zoo.
You got to pay to get in!

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen.
In a hotel room.
In the lobby.
Hotel doesn't look so good now.
Waiting room.
City street.
Outside movie theater.
Outside zoo.
A guard wants a dollar to get in.
Paid the guard, now I can enter.
Be careful of electric fences!
Popcorn! Cracker Jack!
Blind man.
Outside office.
A snake?! I hate snakes!
Bird house.

PC-88 version

Title screen, notice the misspelling "Jhonson" instead of Johnson
Story: P.S. - "Your reputation is widespread, the bad guys can recognize you!"
You start in a hotel room, with a hit man lying unconscious on the floor
Hotel lobby
Outside the Cheap Hotel
I'm waiting for an important call
What luck, a bra! Just what I need for my... disguise
At least the toilet escaped unharmed
You can only carry 8 items so prepare to leave stuff lying around
Paying the Zoo guard
You need to say the secret password to mr. popcorn vendor over here
Giving a book to a blind beggar. What!? That totally makes sense...
Press I to see your inventory
Get snake? Yeah sure, I'm certain that will come in handy
Slinging a rock at a gorilla, I hope PETA isn't watching
More shenanigans in the monkey house, after blowing up a hole with dynamite next to an unconscious gorilla
Carrying a snake around finally pays off
Mr. Topp, seeing you wearing all that stupid stuff... dies laughing!!