Mass Effect 3: Citadel Screenshots

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Windows version

Commander's personal apartment
Staff analyst Brooks
So much for a lunch!
We've never seen this side of the Citadel before
A firefight at the market
This hilarious note found at the fruit market reads: "I know you're licking the fruit when I'm not around. Stop that. Seriously."
Note the alien-friendly exit sign
Car showroom
These mercs mean business. (Also note Liara's behind to the right)
Fighting the mercs with a chaingun
Dressed up for casino
Casino: Varren Racing
Hacking casino security while trying to avoid detection
Casino: Quasar game
Distracting the guard
Have you ever seen a Krogan dressed like that?
There's a small command center in Shepard's apartment
Infiltrating the Archives
The Archives are huge and hold a lot of historical data
All squad members join Shepard on this mission
One of many historical events stored in the Archives: the genophage is released on Tuchanka
A fight in the docks near Normandy
The fight continues onboard Normandy
A battle in Citadel air space
Buying furniture and decorations for the apartment
Silversun Strip
Armax Arena entrance
Preparing for a fight at battle arena: choosing arena layout, enemy, skill level, modifiers and squad members
One of the matches at battle arena
Castle Arcade
Relay Defense arcade game
Shattered Eezo arcade game
Zaeed is trying his luck at the Claw game
Visiting a movie set
Watching soap opera with romantic Tali'Zora
EDI is shopping (like a real girl)
Jack is back (for one side-mission)
Fighting virtual Cerberus troops together with Jack
Inviting guests to the party
One of three armor sets that can be obtained at battle arena
The map of Silversun Strip
Miss Traynor is taking a bath
Joker's daydreaming
Fatal error in battle arena
Everybody dance!
Biotics over muscle
Something to remember
Farewell Citadel...