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Mass Effect

Mass Effect Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Creating Shepard.
Loading screen
Title screen
Aboard the ship
Fighting some automatic flying bots.
Talking to Williams.
The inventory
The new mini game
This doesn't look good.
Character creation: detailed options
You can give your party members general orders, such as having them move forward, covering you.
Character information, stats and powers
The Citadel is the main "hub" of the game.
Cool loading screen
The party members will provide comments on locations you visit. Well said, Ashley!
Before saving the galaxy, I need to relax!
Talking to Joker, the best pilot in the galaxy.
Opening the galactic map. So many places to travel to!
Information about a planet
Your journal keeps track of quests.
Talking to a turian patron in a bar on Noveria.
Conversation options for Shepard
Cut-scene: Matriarch Benezia
As you are aiming at the asari commando, she uses a biotic power on you, distorting your vision.
Navigating the mako (a cross between a car and a tank) through some lush environments.
Pausing the combat to issue precise orders to party members.
Come on, Shepard! Dance with us!
At a casino, playing a game of quasar.
Using your mako's mounted machine gun to kill the pesky geth soldiers.
Taking cover during combat.
Main in-game menu
Ashley Williams
Commander Shepard
Learn all about the Mass Effect universe.
Stairs to deck 01
Map screen
Captain's office
The Bridge
Allied Flagship

Mass Effect Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Go on... take a guess...
Title screen
Yeah! My Shepard's the wild card!
Your ship, the Normandy
You can customize your character. Here, female Shepard arrives on scene.
Seth Green cracks wise as wisecracking pilot "Joker"
On the bridge of the Normandy
The galactic map, where you choose your next destination.
Into the communications room to start the first mission.
Lots of alien races in Mass Effect, and humanity is still struggling to get their respect.
Dialog choices use a radial menu.
The Xbox version has noticeable issues with texture draw-in. Here's the scene as it first loads.
And the completed scene a few seconds later.
Combat takes place in real-time, like a third person shooter.
Vaporizing robots for XP.
Switching weapons and powers also uses a radial menu.
Cover is extremely important to surviving combat.
Our male biotic version of Shepard uses his throw ability.
Looking for informants in a space nightclub.
You can usually dig deeper into the dialog, or get right to the point.
Walking through a marketplace.
I've got money, you've got stuff. Let's deal.
The mighty Citadel space station serves as a sort of galactic capital.
Some of the posh higher levels of the Citadel.
Almost Earthlike. Wonder if the aliens appreciate it.
The game's a little heavy on the motion blur, even when just panning the camera.
Rapid transit helps you get around quick.
The seat of power for the galactic coalition.