Master of Darkness

Master of Darkness Screenshots

Game Gear version

Intro part 1
Intro part 2
Intro part 3
Here comes Dracula
He should use a toothbrust more often
Title screen, Japanese version
Title screen, export version
Prologue to round 1
Round 1
A stray dog near the Thames
The water of the Thames is so putrid, you had better take the ferry
Dr. Social encounters a gangster
Round 1, stage 2; this is where the zombies come in
Eat rapier, zombie!
A mysterious new boss!
Round 2
The lady in white is no wax doll!
What are the gangsters doing in this fancy mansion?
Two living wax dolls and two bats at the same time
You are urged to go to the cemetary
Round 3
All alone on the cemetary, armed only with a knife
Still more zombies
Count Massen is not your average floating count
Round 4
Is this supposed to be a laboratory?
Dr. Social demonstrates his leg muscles
The giant birds are even flying inside the lab
Trapped by the evil count Massen
Round 5
Trapped inside a cage with a skeleton guard
These enemies are mostly immobile, but shoot daggers
They got the doctor!
Some poor man has died on that wall
Game over!

Master of Darkness Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Intro - a suitable name for a psychologist
Round 1 - Thames River
Under attack by some ghosts
The white masks contain items
Round 2 - House of the Wax Dolls
Ladders are equaly annoying as in Castlevania, but in a different way.
On a cemetery fighting zombies with a ... pointed stick?
They may be made of wax, but they're pretty fast!
Round 3 - a castle
Pistols are easy to aim but not very powerful.
The rapier has a good range but only medium attack power.
A large skeleton guarding an item
Confusing background
Every round is introduced with a cutscene.
In the forest
Destroyed walls often reveal useful items.
In the laboratory
Entering Dracula's castle ...
... which is quite well-guarded